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Words of Fang – Trident Casts

October 26, 2016

Lords of the Trident 2016

Hails metalheads! My name is Fang VonWrathenstein, vocalist for the band Lords of theĀ Trident (http://www.LordsOfTheTrident.com). Every month or so, Iā€™ll be handing out my sage advice to other bands on how to take their band from the garage to the next level. Iā€™m no industry insider, but Iā€™ve been around the block a few times. Have an idea for a topic, or fervently disagreeĀ with something I write? Email me atĀ LordsOfTheTrident@gmail.com.


This is Martell trying to fill the fire breathing, dragon slaying, lava walking shoes of Fan VonWrathenstein himself. Due to a teutonic shift Fang is quite busy this week with all the chaos associated with such geological phenomenon. In turn I wanted to show you some of the promotion Lords of the Trident does to stay connected to their fans.

Below is what the band calls TRIDENTCast. They are a series of behind the scenes conversations with the LordsĀ concerning events in their career; tours, PR people, shows, studio updates, everything. This is a very cool way to keep the hardcore fans in the loop… I do want you to take special notice of the production values. Fang doesn’t do anything half ass. That is the true lesson here.

Now enjoy a couple of episodes of TRIDENTCast. ~ Martell

I’m also throwing in the Beyonce cover…. cause I can!


Are you a band that owes your success to my pearls of wisdom? Do you wish there was some way you could pay me back? Well there is! Buy the Lords of the Tridentā€™s albums off AmazonMP3, iTunes, or BandCamp, watch our music videos on YouTube, and visit us online ā€“ http://www.LordsOfTheTrident.com. Want to email me directly? Tell me how good/horrible my advice has been thus far? Email me atĀ LordsOfTheTrident@gmail.com. If you give me an idea for an article, Iā€™ll send you a FREE album as a reward!

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Words of Fang

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