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Top 10 – Heavy Metal Comebacks

October 25, 2016

Best Heavy Metal Comebacks Top 10

The man pictured above may have said it best, “Don’t call it a comeback.” In this week’s Top 10 list we are going to look at both sides of the comeback. Band’s that went away, or band’s that faded away and came storming back from obscurity.

It could have been an album, a new member, or fan support. Various reasons bring bands back from the edge. Our 10 today were facing obscurity, but have brought their career back to the delight of fans and critics alike. Everyone loves a Cinderella story. I guess you can call it a comeback… damn LL Cool J.

Now sit back and enjoy my Top 10 heavy metal comebacks:

10. Obituary – in 1997 the band had grown tired of the road and called it quits. Various members of the band stayed active in the metal scenes, but fans grew restless and started calling for the return of the Florida metal veterans. In 2005 “Frozen in Time” dropped via Candlelight Records and the fandom rejoiced. Obituary is still going strong and fan determination and one kick ass album is to thank.

Carcass-Surgical-RemissionSurplus-Steel9. Carcass – Bill Steer was nowhere to be found and an album called Swansong was released in 1996. Before the announcement was made most people knew that Carcass was done. Fast forward to 2013 and “Surgical Steel” drops in our laps with the heat and intensity that only Carcass can do. The comeback was complete and we look forward to many more years.

8. Anthrax – did they ever break up or go away? No. Were they ever really obscure? No. But when Worship Music dropped in 2011 the metal world stood up and took notice. It had been 8 years since the last album and Belladonna was back in his rightful place. It was like the metal world had aligned itself and everything was right again.

7. Exodus – much along the same lines of Anthrax, Exodus never really went away, but after various singers and similar sounding albums three key things happened. Gary Holt joined Slayer, Chuck Billy of Testament took over management, and Zetro came back behind the mic. Those three things pushed Exodus to give us “Blood In, Blood Out” and start to rewrite their history.

6. Accept – Udo left for the final time and it seemed that Accept’s time as a dominate metal band had come to an end. Cue,┬áMark Tornillo stepping in and reinvigorating Peter and Wolf. “Blood of Nations” dropped and all we could talk about was Accept. It might be more a kick in that ass then a comeback, but it is one hell of a story.

5. Motley Crue – this can easily be called a comeback. Some of the guys didn’t even know if the others were alive. Vince Neil had to be remade on TV, Mick Mars had to be checked if he was healthy enough, Nikki Sixx was grooming his post music career, and Tommy Lee was very busy on a boat. Out of this cluster came “Red, White, and Crue,” “Carnival of Sins,” and an extension of time that cemented the career of the band.

Heavy Metal Music Heaven and Hell4. Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath) – word went out Sabbath was getting back together and the metal world set on the edge of their chair; Sharon Osbourne especially cause she started suing anyone that tried to use the name because the reunion was with Ronnie James Dio, not Ozzy. This led to Dio, Butler, and Iommi skipping the court and forming a band called Heaven and Hell. It turned out to be Dio’s last set of gigs, but what a way to leave us. Amazing new music and the brotherhood of metal around him.

3. Iron Maiden – they never really went away, but a darkness fell on the world when Bruce Dickinson walked away from Iron Maiden. The comeback was the day “Brave New World” was released. We heard the voice, the guitars for the voice, and the comradery we wanted. Iron Maiden being obscure is not an option.

2. Black Sabbath – the forefathers of metal decided to get together and record new material. Scary at their age and coming off the devastating loss of Dio. What happened was magic. The best of Ozzy was brought out by his founding members and the album “13” was released. It is a legacy of its own and a fitting end for the greatest of all time.

1. AC/DC – the loss of Bon Scott should have been the nail in the coffin for the rising star that was AC/DC. Instead the band turned that pain into “Back in Black” and became one of the most successful hard rock bands in history. This was a comeback of epic proportions with the personal loss element involved. That makes them #1 in my books.

Thanks friends ~ Martell

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