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Carnage, Inc- Business in old school thrash and punk!

October 6, 2016


There are many faces of metal, and the tendency is to look at the trend line first and then react. Perhaps not the most prudent of methods, it speaks against the heavy metal mantra itself. So, in the  spirit of bucking the flashy and momentary, let’s turn to something born from the old school denim jacket and bottled beer days of the past. Carnage, Inc are making their statement with Fury Incarnate. Roots firmly entrenched in the past but maintaining a fresh energy, you’ll be thrilled with their creation, and flipping through classic vinyl and cassette for those old diamonds.

Those taken with thrash and craving a healthy dose of raw punk vocals will be in clenched fist glory with Ungod. Similar, at times, to the Slayer days of God Hates Us All and Divine Intervention, the guitar blasts and sequences could be extended for even more pleasure, but as is, this track is what Carnage, Inc can build from. With a dashes and sprinkles of Eastern Hemisphere sound, it has a lingering odor of hellish stink that is metal to the core, and the concluding moments leave you wanting more.

With only five full tracks (one intro), Carnage, Inc purposely shows a diversity with this smallish teaser. Defiled puts the talents of the rythm section front and center before the guitar and vocals kick in with steady gallops of power.  Coming in at over five minutes, it’s another meaty appendage to devour. Now, sprint to catch up to the title track (Fury Incarnate) if you can, as this is the fast-paced punk contribution that will have you sweating and banging, leaving you breathless.

When you’ve played a work several times over and keep seeking more tracks that you hope magically appear, then you’ve come into contact with a must have album. Fury Incarnate is so promising, so addictive, so old school cool as fuck, that if Carnage, Inc doesn’t stomp out a full length follow up in the coming year or so I may hop on a plane and go to India to find them and rectify the situation for all of heavy metal’s sake.

Shepherd Says- 9/10    Could this slide into a Top 10 list for 2016? Hmmm.


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