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Album Review: Narnia – Narnia

September 30, 2016


This album has a lot of favorable elements and attractive features to it that are of personal preference. At the same time, this album also comes with content that might set off a few folk, press certain buttons and really start some controversy. The one thing that makes this album stand out..well, the answer is right under your nose. The latest album from metallers, Narnia, comes with their self-titled album, Narnia. Associated with the books by C.S. Lewis, this is their first album since their disband in 2010 and reunion two years ago after having been founded in 1996. This forty-minute album brings lots of energy, soaring vocals, power metal overdrive, neoclassical elements, progressive elements and more. Upon hearing the first track I was a little skeptical but then it was pleasant to hear the group is fronted by Christian Liljegren who also fronts another band I am familiar with, Divinefire. A name already having been in the industry for years, I knew that the album was certainly going to bring a lot more exciting moments later on. Well, as is the case there are a handful of tracks that remained in my head for quite some time so prepare to experience memorable metal bliss. No pun. Aside from memorable moments, the energy many of the tracks bring also are enticing, definitely on the more professional scale of things. Very well-produced, structured, arranged and overall synonymous with all matters associated with traditional metal and power metal.

Starting on an optimistic but very active opening, Reaching For The Top, is a solid power metal track. Lots of charismatic action from lead man, Christian Liljegren, you can tell in the music video he’s just having a blast. It’s not until the track, I Still Believe, where things begin to take shape and get interesting. Extremely anthemic, some of you out there may not agree with the message but that’s ok. Regardless of lyrics, one can’t deny there is just a very charging and headbanging atmosphere that will appeal to any power metalhead that overall is catchy to be quite honest. To keep things unpredictable and give the album some variety, the band includes a softer track titled Thank You. By this point, I think it should be pretty obvious the theme this album has taken. Starting with some simple beats and electronics, the appearance of a great shred solo later on deems this track almost in ballad terrtories. Guitarist Carljohan Grimmark really outdoes himself on this track and deems himself a very talented guitarist.

Messengers continues on the path of triumph and epic. Very keyboard driven, the atmosphere it brings is quite obvious. The speed and energy is taken back slightly, with just solid riffs leading the way as well and keeping things simple in a traditional metal sense. The album ends on a pretty strong note. With Moving On, the lyrics get obvious but the energy gets amped up in the latter half. What sounds like amost chugging, the bold and boisterous drumming makes the listener really attentive and on the edge of their seat because you will want to know what comes next. The layering of the guitars is also interesting as the group only has one guitarist yet there are two sets of guitars in this track, so it is interesting how they will pull these songs live. Last but not least, Set The World On Fire is the final track to end it all. Quite honestly, I was a little let down with this one. It’s not a bad track, just the energy is lacking but of course that’s personal preference. The harmonic melodic solo is pretty tasty though and the epic keys are also a much needed plus. Regardless, I felt the group held back a bit or at least the vocals needed to be amped up just a bit.

In the end, this is a roller coaster album. What I mean by that is that there are those handful of tracks that really charge one up, lots of double bass and energy as well as the other tracks that retain a tame nature, almost like a lion. If you haven’t figured it out by now, yes the answer was right under your nose. The album cover is a dead giveaway as to the theme as well as the name of the band as the stories of Narnia are associated with a more religious element. Again, regardless of lyrics the instrumental lead on the album is great and pretty much what any power metalhead could want. Though the group incorporates neoclassical and progressive elements, this album really is more on the power metal spectrum. You have to give respect and credit to them for incorporating such lyrical themes, espcially in this industry where it’s not really respected amongst peers if you do indulge in such affairs. Nonetheless, Narnia is back and better than ever and hopefully this is a sign that they are in it for a long time to come, espcially having nearly two decades together under their belts. Give this album a shot and see where it takes you…Christian metal, I never thought I would dive into the genre. Stay Metal \m/

Narnia: 8/10

Official Website: http://narniatheband.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/narniatheband/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/narniatheband


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