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4 Stories Up – Chapter 35

September 19, 2016

4 Stories Up Short Stories

4 Stories Up is a fictional, serial story that follows a talented, sexy female drummer as she seeks fame and fortune with a band. Tory is a woman making her her way in a male-dominated world of heavy metal. She is passionate in life and music and she plays for keeps. Her feisty nature often gets her in trouble but she fights on towards perfection in her love, her music and her life. – Find past chapters here.

—– —– —– —– —–

The band had just finished performing at The Pit on a Thursday evening. The band members had reached an uneasy truce with Beth, as she had made some cosmetic changes to the bar that made it look less country and more rock oriented. To be truthful, the band was enjoying the regular gigs and the regular pay cheques so they were willing to cut her some slack. Besides which, Phillip was now wholly and completely enamoured of the bar manager and it was nice to see him with someone.

Tory started out the door when Chris said, “Aren’t you going to call for a taxi? There’s none out there; I just checked.”

“Yah, I’m not taking a taxi home,” Tory admitted sheepishly. “It’s bus time for me.”

“You’re taking the bus? At 1 am?” Chris scowled.

“Well, Mr. Moneybags, my boss at the coffee shop is pissed I’ve limited what I can work so I’m only getting like one shift a week there,” Tory admitted. “I can’t afford the luxury of a cab.”

“So, I’ll pay for it,” Chris said, taking out his cell phone.

“Absolutely not!” Tory snapped.

Chris looked up in surprise. “Why not?”

“I don’t need to you pay my way,” she growled dangerously.

“Jesus, it’s a cab. It’s not like I’m paying your rent.”

“I can take the bus,” Tory said stubbornly. “I’m fine.”

“It’s not safe!”

“I can take care of myself.”

Chris sighed in frustration. He knew that tilt of her chin by now to know she was not going to budge on this. “Fine, I’ll come with you.”

“You’re going to come to my place and then go home again?” she said with a roll of her eyes.

“I will take a cab home,” he said smugly.

“Fine, whatever!” she huffed as she headed to the door of the bar.

“Bye guys,” Doug grinned, thoroughly enjoying himself as he watched the two bicker back and forth.
Tory and Chris made it to her place safe and sound on the bus and walked around the corner to her apartment door. Neither had said a word since leaving the bar. She opened the door from the main street and started up the stairs to her second floor flat.

“Tory?” Chris said softly, as he stopped on the landing that was halfway up the stairs.

“Yah?” she stopped and turned to face him. As she did, he took her by the waist and pulled her close.

“You’re special to me,” he whispered. “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

She smiled and relaxed. “You know my parents try to use money against me. I never want that to happen with whatever this is,” she explained softly.

“I get that, just let me be a little protective,” he grinned. “I’m only human and I don’t want anyone else getting close to that killer ass of yours!”

She laughed as he pulled her close and kissed her passionately. Tory felt as though she was falling off a cliff as he entangled his hands in her auburn hair, seemingly unable to get close enough to her. She groaned as she felt every nerve in her body come alive at the touch of his lips and she unwittingly pushed herself closer into him.

Breaking away breathlessly, Chris looked at the floor and croaked, “I’d better go.”

“Or,” Tory whispered.

“Or?” he asked.

“Or you could stay,” she said softly.

He raised his eyes to look into hers. “Are you sure?” he said seriously.

“Yah,” she said seriously and then she smiled self-consciously. “That is, if you want to.”

“Oh, I want to!” he grinned with his sexy, cocky half-smile.

She turned and rushed up the stairs to her flat as she fumbled to get the key out. Unlocking the door as quickly as she could, she almost fell into her apartment. Chris was right behind her, closing and locking the door.

Chris looked around the flat with surprise. He had never been here before and while he knew she had some money issues, he had no idea it was to this extent. There was no furniture to speak of and it was one room with a door over to one side which he assumed was the bathroom. It made his place look like a mansion and he realized all at once why she was so private and sensitive about taking a gift from anyone. It made him all the crazier about her.

Tory saw his glance around her apartment and became a bit uncomfortable. He was used to luxury and this was anything but. She was just about to tell him they could leave and go somewhere else when he smiled at her and crossed the short distance to take her into his arms. The apartment faded away and he was all that mattered in that moment.

“You are so beautiful,” he told her as he kissed her on the lips and then on the neck.

Tory shivered deliciously as she felt his warm breath on her neck. She reached up and ran her fingers through his thick hair. She felt him move his hands over her back and they pulled closer into each other. She could feel his hard chest against her softer one and she gasped for breath. They kissed for what seemed forever until finally, impatient, she stepped away and ripped her shirt off over her head, standing before him in just her bra.

Chris smiled and reciprocated, taking his shirt off over his head and moved in closer to her again. Cautiously, he continued to kiss her and moved his hands around to the clasp of her bra. Sensing no resistance, he quickly unhooked the bra and they let the garment fall to the floor. He inhaled her scent and moved his hands to her sides, carefully massaging the skin and then moved to the front, finally touching her soft mounds of flesh for the first time.

Groaning, Tory put her head back and enjoyed the feeling of the cool air against her hot skin, the touch of his fingers whispering across her nipples. She felt alive and in this moment, she did not care about consequences or bands; there was only the two of them.

She led him to her mattress on the floor and they tumbled down together. She lay on her back and he caressed her breasts, her nipples. Then, lowering his head, he took one of her nipples into his mouth and licked it slowly. Tory gasped and raised her back to accommodate his lips. He moaned and took more of the breast into his mouth.

At that moment, Tory’s cell phone rang. It was the Empire march from the Star Wars movie; the tone she had set for her mother’s calls. In her haze of passion, she realized it was two in the morning and her mother was never awake after ten. Something must be wrong.

Pushing gently against Chris, she croaked, “I, Chris, I have to take this. It’s my mom. Something must be wrong.”

Chris was still in a daze but he reluctantly let her go and watched as she got up from the mattress. Her nipples were still hard and seemed to be leading the way to her phone. He buried his head into her pillow and cursed quietly. Damned mothers always got in the way!

“Mom?” Tory answered her phone in trepidation. “What’s wrong? Why are you up?”

“It’s Nana,” her mother replied. “Tory, she died tonight.”

“Wha? Nana? I don’t understand!” Tory said, her voice breaking.

“She had a heart attack tonight, honey. She died on the way to the hospital.”

“But, she was healthy. She exercised every day!” Tory argued senselessly.

“I know, honey, I know. Can you come home? I will send you the money for a ticket. We need to plan for a service.”

“I, of course, I will,” Tory said, starting to cry. She hung up with her mother and felt Chris in behind her.

“My grandmother, she died tonight,” Tory sniffed, still unbelieving.

“I’m so sorry,” Chris said, taking her into his arms as she started to sob.

“She was the only one who ever believed in me,” Tory said hysterically. “She was the only one in my family who told me I had talent and I should follow my dreams. And now I wasn’t there when she needed me…”

Chris let her sob into his bare chest. He understood in that moment that she was allowing herself to be vulnerable to him and he knew that was very special. He held her and rubbed her back, vowing that whatever happened, he would support her and be there for her. He knew right then that this was not just attraction, this was something deeper.

—– —– —– —– —–

Get the latest on Tory and the band between chapters at their official Facebook page!

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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