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Album Review: Vex – Sky Exile

July 28, 2016


Time to put on those spurs fellas because it’s time to head on down south. Well, spurs are optional in this case but the real case comes from Texas metallers Vex and their album Sky Exile.
Nearly an hour of atmospheric presences, stimulating melodic elements as well as some standard death metal, there are more elements than meets the ear with Sky Exile. What I found to be appetizing about their third album are the very sinister and devious vocals as well as the heavier than thou riffs and pleasingly pounding drums. It’s about time an up and coming band cranks up the juice on one of their albums. With Death metal as the main core of the bands sound, I found that the group really tried to push themselves as there are glorious moments of abysmal metal bliss that reach unfathomable lengths. The album is recommended for fans of Katatonia, Opeth and Insomnium.

After a brief and short intro on Dry River Days, we are met by the intense To Anacreon (Strangling The Muse). A grandiose combo of harsh vocals and a dire melodeath atmosphere in addition to a fast paced progression really put this track along the lines of Opeth territories. There is an overall appeasing amount of bass, heavy distortion along to it. For the more melodic metal fans, Antithetical Age may call your attention. Thre is more of a thrash metal influence with this one as well with clean vocals rounding up the reigns of this track. I found that the progressive aspect of the album is a strong one as was displayed with that track.

The midway point of the album provides a more progressive focused context with tracks, The Cygnus Light and Solar Sacrament. With references to many artists the group may sound like, these tracks provide an opportunity for the group to set themselves apart from the competition. The band experiments and showcases a side we have not seen up to this point with acoustics and a darker ambience which in turn administers an unpredictable formula for metal destruction. Dark Skies Painted is the single of the album. The track begins on a slow note eventually building more tempo, speed and then the drums kick in overall giving the track a delectable delight. The changes on this track really show off the tenacity and dynamic styles Vex can perform. This is one of those tracks that really makes you want to stick around for every precious second.

Not a bad album from the Texas metallers, Vex. The album really pulls you in and while I was not a big fan of the single off the album, don’t let that deter you from checking out this strong and injecting album. This was my first exposure to them and I am pretty pleased with my first encounter. As this is their third album, I certainly will be checking out their previous works. A very captivating listen, their execution really sucks you into the soul of the album. If you’re looking for unique influences that which are strongly executed then look no further and check out Sky ExileStay Metal \m/

Sky Exile: 8/10

Official Website: http://vexmetal.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vexmetal/


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