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Top 10 – Heavy Metal Events of 2016 (So Far…)

July 26, 2016

Heavy Metal in 2016

We have made it to 2016 without a Zombie Apocalypse or massive Meteors taking us out so it might be time to look back on the decades. We have done these in the past, but did not go back this far. We started at 1976, this week is 1986, the week after is 1996, and so on till the present. In each year we will be highlighting the big events that took place in metal.

2016 is over halfway done and the events thus far have been filled with great music and the unfortunate grief of losing musical icons. We started this series with 1976 and progressed 10 years at a time. It amazes me even after 40 years of metal some of the names stay the same, while others will never be heard from again. Let’s take a look at the events of heavy metal so far this year:

10. Death Metal Emoji – there is nothing more mainstream then emojis and unfortunately 2016 saw the advent of the “Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard.” At first look it is a cool way to express yourself as a metal fan, but upon further inspection you wonder how mainstream we have become.

9. Where’s Joey Now? – the former drummer of Slipknot Joey Jordison broke up his Scar the Martyr band and formed another called VIMIC. They play similar music with similar members, but are completely different bands. Please Corey and Clown, let him back in.

8. Eluveitie Has Left the Building – well at least half have left the building. It was announced the drummer (Merlin Sutter), vocalist (Anna Murphy), and a guitar player (Ivo Henzi) were leaving for various reasons. However after the purge the band continues with Liv Kristine taking over vocal duties.

7. Can’t Keep A Good Dave Down – Suicidal Tendencies picked up the best free agent drummer in metal by signing Slayer founding member Dave Lombardo to the group. It appears to have gone well as Dave will be heading out to Europe with the group as well.

6. Wino is Obsessed – Scott “Wino” Weinrich got Obsessed back together and working on a new album. 2016 is seeing the return of a very influential sound to the metal fold.

5. No More End of the Rainbow – Ritchie Blackmore’s reformed Rainbow played their first show at the Monster of Rock festival in Germany. The reception and review seems very positive. Other shows since then have gone over very well.

4. Adlerdeth – Chris Alder of Lamb of God joined Megadeth to record the album Dystopia. Many would call this album a return to form for Megadeth. Alder played some live show as well before joining back up with Lamb of God permanently. Dirk Verbeuren has been named the new Megadeth drummer after leaving Soilwork.

3. Hell Froze Over – it must have because Guns & Roses reunited (sort of) for what is quickly becoming a world tour. Duff, Slash, and Axl are there. Steven Adler has filled in on a couple of songs for a couple of shows. We have yet to see Izzy. The shows have been a tremendous success and it appears will be going on for some time to come.

2. Jimmy Bain RIP – we are forced to deal with the loss of legendary Jimmy Bain from lung cancer. Bain was most well known for his time in DIO and Rainbow. He was still performing with Dio tribute Last In Line right up until his death.

1. Nick Menza RIP – another huge loss in the metal world. Menza passed on May 21st behind his drum kit, I have to believe this is the way he would have wanted to go. His time with Megadeth left a lasting impression on generations of thrash fans. ~ Martell


Image Courtesy of Metal Injection

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