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The Peerson Report w/ Brick and Mason Peerson – Why Use That Song Capital Lackey?

July 25, 2016

Peerson Report

The views and opinions expressed by Brick and Mason Peerson are solely those of the original authors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of We Love Metal, the We Love Metal staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

Brick: Does music have a place in politics? I don’t mean from the musician’s standpoint, I mean from the politicians. Every time you see Donald Trump he comes out to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and it pisses me off. That song has meaning to me and it sure as hell has nothing to do with Donald Trump or politics in general.

Isn’t this just a cheap way for nominees to draw people in with music they love. Sometimes the artists has to step up and tell the politician not to use the song. How sad is that? An obvious statement to the fact that these talking heads shouldn’t be using our music to promote themselves and potentially change the meaning of the song to another generation.

Mason: Wow, look who got out of the chicken coop and had a thought! Music is always the soundtrack of our lives, and this includes politics.  Like you said, the artist has the right to tell the politician to cease and desist, and I’m cool with that. I think politics and music make great bedfellows, and it’s interesting to see what get’s selected and if that even gels with the message and persona of the future office-holder.

How could you have a rally or a convention without jams? You can’t continually play the national anthem and God Bless America.  My smile was wider than a gator ready to devour when those Dixie Chicks blasted President Bush for his warmongering bullshit, and there is so much ammo with the clowns running for the presidency currently. What pisses me off is when bands like U2 write song after song bitching about American greed and corruption when they build mansions from the profits direct from the people of said country, meanwhile not addressing the ills of their homeland.

The Peerson ReportBrick: That U2 thing might be another topic cause I guarantee they have made some money off other Countries in the world. That one comment shows why the world dislikes us Americans. Thank god I’m a duel citizen.

I agree wholeheartedly with musicians writing about politics, but the other way around seems like a cheap way to get people going when it should be all about the message. Bernie Sanders doesn’t need The Beatles to inspire. Someone like Trump does because his message has nothing to do with inspiration, so he relies on the blood sweat and tears of an artist. If the speaker is real they don’t need the pomp and circumstance. They just need a concise message that people want to hear. Fake crowd noise, confetti, and bullshit promises need music just to make it palatable.

Mason:  As hard as it is at times, we must trust the people to wake up and make decisions. People in America, increasingly by the day, are seeing the empty void that Trump is, and even if Lamb of God or Slayer dedicated an entire album to him, a fraud typically get’s exposed. Clinton is so corporate I’m surprised she hasn’t hired a group of musicians to compose a musical manifesto, with visual stimulation and glorification, all delivered to the voter ad nauseum.  Still, both of them, and those who’ve come before and will after, have every right to try to bolster their cause via metal/music. Just as the musicians can say, no thanks, or hell no, because that is what freedom is about.

What really frustrates me more, and this happens all the time in metal, is when bands simply bash the entire establishment without specificity. That’s cowardly and lazy, painting with the broadest brush, just saying government corruption is rampant, a lot like Megadeth likes to do, brings the conversation up at best, but has a thin floor.  Blast the hell out of whomever you like, or whatever law you find to be poison, but do it with pinpoint accuracy based on actual thought and research. Or, heaven forbid, read a couple of books like Dave Davidson of Revocation.

Brick: You’re making this conversation deeper than Aunt Bea’s cellulite. You can be frustrated but if you want true freedom you need to allow people to do what they do. Megadeth riles up the establishment because the songs are basically rants. Mustaine doesn’t want to research, he wants to be the everyday Joe that bitches about shit down at the bait store. That speaks to exactly what we are talking about. I think these politicians are using music to try and relate to the common folk that have never been near the priviledge they have. Obama ran around for years using rap as a way to connect with people when there was no way other than the color of his skin to connect with the lyrics. If politicians were using music that relates to their life experience than I have no issue with it, but there is no soundtrack for wealth and privilege.

The fact that people don’t research anything is what should scare you about these high and mighty people using music. I know there are people out there singing the phrases of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and thinking if Donald Trump likes that song… then I like Donald Trump. Sad but true.

Mason: The crux of our disagreement comes down to how we view the populace. You don’t have faith in the common man, a lack of trust in the brethren. Furthermore, I think we see freedom through different lenses. The miniscule percentage of dopes that would like a candidate just because they like a song or band won’t sway an election. There as fringe as it gets, and they don’t represent the thinking majority that actually do vote. I’m not saying the average voter is a mental giant who’s done due diligence on the hundreds of issues facing a nation, but I do have faith in the system, even if Megadeth says The System Has Failed.  

Call me a red/white/blue flag-waving enthusiast that refuses to see the negative, but America’s system (driven by The Constitution) has been an overwhelming success. What’s the alternative? We have to keep pushing forward, and from I’ve seen this election cycle, the youth of this country is energized for real change. That excites me. Whether or not Republican A or Democrat B uses an Overkill song, well that’s between them.

Our commentary is about honesty, so prepare yourself if you want to hide from the truth. – Brick & Mason Peerson

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