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Summer’s Heat nears the temp of WLM Radio!

July 25, 2016


Weekly Article

I’m back, Jack!” After a well needed vacation from my problems, it’s time to join the rest of the radio team and kick some heavy metal ass.  For over half the country (United States at least), it has been hotter than hell for over a week straight. Cool off? No way, at least not when it comes to radio madness. Set your schedule, and include us please!

Death metal Den 8

One thing I learned in my travels to the deep South is that death metal appreciation is harder to find away from home. Back in familiar surrounding, I walked back into the new Carnifex album. Oh, hell yes! We’ll feature some tracks from every Carnifex album, including the new one, and I found a few great new beers down in N.Carolina, so beer of the week is guaranteed to be tasty.

martell metal market

You know the best thing about Martel’s Metal Market? The surprises!!  This week, nobody knows what theme Martell will unveil and rock, not even the rest of the staff.  Join him, because we all know that whatever he chooses, we’re gonna learn more about our favorite music and have a great time. I’m guessing the theme has something to do with Elton John- but that’s just me.


If you thought the Republican party was almost in the trash heap, you can close the lid after a wild weekend in Cleveland. I damn near thought Trump and Cruz were going to throw fists (which I’d prefer), but it gave us some great talking points. Thrash metal marries up with all this nonsense is such a raw way, and we’ll slam hard for sure.


Everyone’s favorite party is gearing up for another week. This week’s Birthday Bash will seem a bit on the Extreme side and the Tempest Trio promises to be a hard one. Of course it will go gentle again with Morgan’s Sweet 16. See you Thursday at 7 EST for a rockin’ good time.

The Epic Lair

Thank you to those who tuned into The Epic Lair this past weekend. One thing that always intrigued me were and still are music videos. What I believe to be the most powerful tool in a musician’s arsenal, tune in next week as we will countdown the Epic Lair’s top ten music videos. Of course we will be playing those tracks, make sure to tune in Sunday’s 7-9 EST. We will also have this week’s industry tipper! Stay Metal \m/

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