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WLM Reviews: Oceans of Time – Trust

July 24, 2016


Perhaps one of the most diverse albums I’ve listened to this year, Norwegians, Oceans of Time, brings the latest chapter in their successful career titled Trust. After hearing the tumultuous journey from start to end, I myself also have built trust for the band with this latest solid release.  Formed in 2005, Oceans of Time was started by guitarist Lazz Jensen. They’ve established themselves as one of the premier acts in their local region which has opened the doors for them to open for many known metal acts such as Glenn Hughes, Masterplan, Satyricon, and many others. What I like about the album is many of the epic aspects the album also brings aside from their main progressive stature and even more appealing are the many guest musicians from from acts like Jørn Lande, Masterplan, Magic Pie, Artch, Pagan’s Mind, Gaia Epicus and Tremor among others. 

After a brief orchestral intro initiates the album, the opening track, Charon, builds up speed and technicality. When the epic keyboards kick in, the quite catchy chorus begins. Speed and technicality are the strong suits this time around. Save You is another keyboard driven track with Power metal elements alongside it. Eventually the track goes classic prog which shows the talented musicianship the group can carry on throughout the track. While all that is appealing, there are also slower tracks as well. Pray For The Dying, features some tasty technical work during the verses with overall being one of the more guitar driven tracks of the album.

The second half of the album gets more strenuous and appetizing with crushing riffs, strong confident vocals and lots of great melodics like on the track Nemesis. Perhaps one of the best vocal performances is featured here. Something that almost no album features that this album does is a 4-part end to the album. Grapes of Baccus, is where the guest vocals come in with each part really succeeding in one form or another. Like Part 1 has some nicely put instrumental sections and great vocals. Part 2 comes with a side of appealing growls, something I was not expecting and personally, the album needed. Another feature the album has that could have been utilized more were pianos which were featured on Part 3. Part 4 is not surprisingly the most complex of the little series as the tempos change constantly throughout and some backing memorable chorus sections are present with overall, the entire picture put together to pull off the grand finale the album deserved.

Overall, for their sophomore debut, Trust, was not a bad album. An eloquent blend of power and progressive as well as dynamic song structure, not to mention the guest vocals really make this album one out of the ordinary. Personally, I wish the guitars could have been tuned a little lower, which could have really given the album an extra punch it needed. Perhaps on their next release, we will see some more vast compsure and some of that needed headbanger heaviness. Nonetheless, another standard release from the power progressive metal world. Stay Metal \m/

Trust: 7/10

Official Website: http://mrrmusic.com/oceans-of-time/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OceansOfTimeBand/


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