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WLM Reviews: Soilwork – Death Resonance

July 23, 2016

Review of Death Resonance

Soilwork is currently touring the world and playing us new tracks off their current album “The Ride Majestic.” However as a gift to loyal fans the band has released a collection of rarities and unreleased tracks in the form of “Death Resonance.” When Shepherd got ahold of the album he felt it had to be commented on as Death Resonance isn’t just a gift for loyal supporters, it’s a way to also attract new listeners. Shepherd is currently on a road trip and sent in the follow review of this Nuclear Blast Record dropping on August 19th.

When Sound Collides has it all. Gentle and gorgeous opening tones, tempo change-ups, guitar rips that are understated brilliance, and a catchiness that is undeniable. I hear a more aggressive but yet friendly melo-death collection of sounds that hold mass appeal. The guitar solo after the mid-song breakdown is flowing to start, scorching in the heart, and downright combustible as it reaches it’s all too soon conclusion. The saving grace, a vocal takeover that is seamless and oh so addictive. It’s near impossible to create a more glorious heavy metal ride.

To think these tracks have set unpublished is mind boggling. There is genius here that deserves, and thankfully will be heard come mid-August. There is so much to take in over the hour that simply deciding on one nuance or element is nearly impossible. All you can do is sit back and ask for more or something.

What I can’t decide, is what I crave more, the tsunami force strength or the delicate spells. Capable of escorting the listener from one extreme to another, tracks like Sweet Demise contain a dual draw, rarely found in metal. The waters of Death Resonance are the soothing and tranquil, but the raging rivers are dangerous and enticing as well (See Sadistic Lullaby). But, what is crystal clear was how eagerly I sought additional doses of wicked guitar as the album rolled on; and I was not disappointed.

Soilwork will capture new and excited listeners with the aggression, beauty, and diversity inside Death Resonance. Far beyond constricting genre boundaries, the guitar is sick, the vocals ranging from brutally addictive and punishing to soft and engaging, it’s remarkable how so many boxes can be checked in one enterprise. Working toward their goals, and in their favor, is the fact that we are treated to 15 total tracks. Ample time to throw down an entire array of sounds, Soilwork has produced a winner from only the stuff on their shelf.

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