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Martell Rants: Adlerdeath, Horse Heads, Racists, and More…

July 21, 2016

Martell Rants

Every once in a while the stories and events that take place in the world of heavy metal get to me and I just have to vent. This article gives me the chance to let you know how much things can piss me off, make me laugh, or puzzle me! Martell Rants have proven to be a very popular column that is by far the most fun to write. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see my opinion on feel free to email or leave a comment below. Now it’s time:

 – We start by sending out some love to Joe Perry of Aerosmith / Hollywood Vampires. He had some medical issues on stage that are rumored to be heart related. At the time this was written Perry was home resting comfortably. I’m sure it won’t be long before he is back on the road doing that shredding he does.

– Gene Simmons of Kiss said he would not “entertain” the thought of another reunion of original members because they have tried that. Although he would entertain the idea of new players being put in the Demon and Starchild makeup so Kiss could continue as a brand. Really, what can you say to that?

– I’m sure all of you have seen it, but the horse banging his head to Pantera was by far the most exciting thing to happen in metal this month. That is either sad or awesome.

– I will tell you right now if I’m texting at a concert and Corey Taylor or anyone else slaps my cell phone out of my hand it will be on. I don’t care who’s on stage, if I am checking in with family or playing Candy Crush, it’s my phone, my money that bought the ticket, and my right to do whatever the hell I want in that space. How big does your ego need to be to take someone’s personal property because they aren’t paying attention to you?

Bangalore Open Air is a huge heavy metal festival in India that I came across the other day. Vader, Soilwork, Nader Sadek and many others performed to a huge crowd. The India Metal scene is emerging and festivals like this will only help get the music out there.

– The drummer for Dokken (Mick Brown) recently said “If you throw enough money on a wound it will heal.” That statement sure makes me want to go see the reunited band. We know bands get back together for the money all the time, but to actually say it? Wow.

– Do you know what impresses me? People naming 50 obscure metal bands that have played at house parties and are the next big thing. This is a true sign of musical knowledge; oh wait, it’s actually a douchebag move and pisses me off. That’s right, I hate that.

– This will be the only time you hear of these guys on WLM. – BAND WAS NAMED, BUT THEY CONTINUE TO ASSAULT WEBSITES SUCH AS OURS FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH – are infact a bunch of racists and misogynistic pigs that will not get the time of day on our site. You say that’s a strong statement. – THIS WAS ONCE A LINK TO AN ARTICLE BUT DUE TO DISPICABLE MEDIA PRACTICES BY THE “BAND WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO NAME IT HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN” –  However I would like to assure you we stand behind Metalsucks 100% as they were pushed to the point of possible violence against them for basically speaking their mind. Unacceptable. *As you can see this post was written much differently originally. If you want to know what it’s about there is a great article HERE!*

– There has been so much drama surrounding Chris Adler in Megadeth lately and all of it was completely unnecessary. Mustaine went off in an interview saying “Adler has nothing to do with Megadeth anymore,” but people thought Chris would be performing when he could and helping on the next album. Turns out Dirk Verbeuren formerly of Soilwork has taken over the job permanently on the advice of Adler. This lead me to believe Mustaine needs to pick his words better, or journalists keep piling the shit on Dave not matter what he says.

Antimusic.com recently revealed a study that showed it was ok for Toddlers to listen to heavy metal music without any damage being done to them. That explains why my daughter’s horns haven’t grown in yet. Damn.

– To end, I want to look at a conversation Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction had with TMZ. Farrell stated the members of the band aren’t really friends but have found ways to get along. Maybe they should head on the road with Dokken because it appears putting cash on a wound even heals emotional scarring. ~ Martell

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