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Top 10 – Heavy Metal Events of 2006

July 19, 2016

Heavy Metal Events in 2006

We have made it to 2016 without a Zombie Apocalypse or massive Meteors taking us out so it might be time to look back on the decades. We have done these in the past, but did not go back this far. We started at 1976, the next week is 1986, the week after is 1996, and so on till the present. In each year we will be highlighting the big events that took place in metal.

It doesn’t seem right that the events of 2006 are already 10 years old. Most of you are going to remember these in great detail and think where has the time gone. I did that back in the 1986 feature, but I guess we all have our issues. 2006 saw metal reach new heights in the mainstream, yet still take a backdoor to the wretched pop. Some things never change. Take a look at the Top 10 metal events in 2006:

10. Here Comes the Horizon – the debut album of metalcore poster children Bring Me the Horizon was released. The album was named “Count Your Blessings” and featured a very distinct sound of deathcore that is a very very very far departure from their current sound.

9. Voivod Rebounds – with Jason Newsted of Metallica fame on the bass Voivod released the album Katorz which featured some demo work by deceased guitarist “Piggy” D’Amour. Many thought the band would not rebound from his death, but Katorz marked a new beginning for the band. They are still touring to this day.

8. A Savior is Born – with a name inspired by Jack the Ripper and all the attitude of Knoxville Tennessee, Whitechapel was formed and set out to save metal. Thus far they managed their quest well.

7. RIP Jesse – known for his time in Terrorizer and Napalm Death, Jesse Pintado passed away.

6. Slayer’s Illusion – the album Christ Illusion was released and earned Slayer a debut at #5 on the Billboard 200 and a Grammy win.

5. Top Selling LOG – the top selling album in 2006 was Lamb of God’s Sacrament. Combined with Slayer’s big showing on the charts 2006 was a key year for metal in the mainstream eye.

4. They Won What? – the massive European song competition Eurovision was won by Lordi. This marks the first time both a heavy metal band and finnish band had won the competition. That would be like a death metal singer winning “The Voice.”

3. Wave Goodbye Sepultura – Igor Cavalera left Sepultura. This left the thrash legends without any original members. However, Max and Igor managed to patch up their differences and formed Cavalera Conspiracy.

2. Animated Headbanging – the hugely popular and mainstream penetrating Metalocalypse debuted on the Adult Swim Network. The show of course launched the career of the fictitious band Dethklok who toured for many years releasing albums along the way.

1. Welcome Back Alice – after the passing of Layne Staley we never thought we would see the day, but 2006 marked the reformation of Alice in Chains with William Duvall taking over the vocal duties.

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