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July 18, 2016

Weekly Article

This week the Shepherd is away so the Glam Goddess and Martell shall play. The show titles and formats may be the same but it’s hard to say what those two will be up to when they get the chance to sit in the Shepherd’s seat and spin whatever they want. Tune in to find out.

Death metal Den 8

This week at the Death Metal Den is going to stick to some old stuff. We are going to have a classic night looking at some of the album’s people consider to be the best ever in the genre. Martell is feeling a little old this week so it might be fitting to spin some of the older stuff from bands like Death, Morbid Angel, Possessed. If that sounds like a good start tune in Monday at 6 for an aggressive night.

martell metal market

Last week’s Canadian night was a huge success so Martell has done what every good DJ does when they have a great show. Switch it to something completely different. This Tuesday at 7 we are going to look at what happened after Nirvana left the scene. Post-Grunge popped up and bands like Three Days Grace and Nickelback started to run the land. Oh wait both of those bands are Canadian. Maybe it’s not totally different. Guess you’ll have to tune in to find out.


How in the hell is a Glam Goddess going to host a thrash show. I think you will be quite surprised. Morgan is sitting in the chair this week on Wednesday at 7 to promote the civil unrest we all love. There will be politics, thrash, some more politics… and a lot more thrash.


Everyone’s favorite party is gearing up for another week. This week’s Birthday Bash will seem a bit on the Extreme side and the Tempest Trio promises to be a hard one. Of course it will go gentle again with Morgan’s Sweet 16. See you Thursday at 7 EST for a rockin’ good time.

The Epic Lair

Thank you to those who tuned into The Epic Lair this past weekend. One thing that always intrigued me were and still are music videos. What I believe to be the most powerful tool in a musician’s arsenal, tune in next week as we will countdown the Epic Lair’s top ten music videos. Of course we will be playing those tracks, make sure to tune in Sunday’s 7-9 EST. We will also have this week’s industry tipper! Stay Metal \m/

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