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The Peerson Report w/ Brick and Mason Peerson – Is Rush Overrated?

July 18, 2016

Peerson Report

The views and opinions expressed by Brick and Mason Peerson are solely those of the original authors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of We Love Metal, the We Love Metal staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

Brick: I was listening to Rush the other day and before I knew what happened I had knives sticking in my ears. Apparently I had done it to myself. Their music is weird, selfish in its technical approach, and boring. I will outright agree that the three musicians Neil, Geddy, and Alex are three masters in their craft but the music they make is sinister and punishing in the fact that people have to try and enjoy it.

These guys are considered the kings of prog and no one wants to speak out against them, but come on man, why is there so much love for Rush when they cause bouts of boredom and head scratching? What did they do to deserve the esteem they have gotten?

Mason: Good thing you don’t live in Canada, as the authorities may be knocking on your door, seeking to place you somewhere in Nova Scotia waters. Are you out of your fucking mind? All I need say is 2112, and this conversation is over. One of the finest works of musical art, wrapped in prog metal genius, with a memorable story to boot. And that is just one of at least a dozen, literally a dozen, of albums that are fantastic.

The Peerson ReportThere is no “trying” to enjoy Tom Sawyer, YYZ, or any other track on Moving Pictures. No, instead it’s just pure magic, joy to the senses, and beyond what was the norm. They were trailblazers in their early days, and they turned into legends with quality product that spanned over 30 years.  I may have to call the doctor for your med change if you keep talking this shit.

Brick: Art, genius, memorable. These are all words you used to describe their music. Yet, you never mention fun, head banging, rocking out, or any of those things that make music enjoyable. If I want to sit around with gator tots on a tray and analyze the depth of the soul I can check out the museum; not my record collection.

The fact is people such as yourself are perpetuating this myth that the band is great, when in reality they are a high school art project that has gone horribly wrong. 2112 and Moving Pictures are open to interpretation simply because they don’t really mean anything. Rush is like Donald Trump, something that started out kind of funny and now it has gone on to long and gained too much momentum. People are scared to say they don’t like them because of the backlash, but in reality nobody gets it. This is just Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Mason:  Being artistic and memorable are part of the enjoyment of the medium. I’ve been surrounded by 40,000 smiling headbangers having a helluva good time rocking out to Fly By Night and Distant Early Warning. It sure looked and felt a lot like a heavy metal concert and a shared experience driven by kick-ass music.

Rush’ ability to get lost inside the notes and words is more proof of their epic talent. Sure songs like Trees and Time Stand Still are more Queen than Metallica, but metal comes in all sorts of flavors. Rush has many sides and angles, evokes myriad emotions, and is singular.  I’m appreciative of the component parts and the sum. But make no mistake, you can bang hard to tracks like Temples of Syrinx, Working Man, and Subdivisions (which has lyrical depth you dolt).

Brick: You’re harder than ole’ Jim’s belly at the gas station. Mentioning all of these songs I have a hard time knowing what your talking about because many of them sound alike and come in around the 11 minute mark. Sure the occasional long song is fine and adds depth to a show (ie Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner), however every song being a dance into the obscure grows tiresome and mundane; especially when there are dryers tumbling on stage. (WTF?)

Also those people that were head banging beside you have accepted the follow the leader culture that goes with this god awful example of music. They are like sheep, one does it and the rest think they are supposed to. If Geddy Lee jumped off a cliff would you follow? If your a Rush fan, apparently. As this is my last words on this subject let me say that Rush is simply 3 guys showing off their proficiency with their instruments and using that to hide the fact they can’t write a coherent song. BAAAAAA!

Mason: One of the best songs ever written is Red Barchetta. Close your eyes, picture a multi-colored canopy of autumn leaves, the love of your life by your side, and the wind in your hair as you fly down a country road in a convertible. A better, simpler time, a captured moment of beauty conveyed perfectly from the tones and rhythms. We live for musical experiences like this, and Rush has brought us many over the years.

Don’t be fooled or swayed by those with a lack of vision, trust your heart and ears. There has never been, nor never will be, a sound quite like what this Canadian trio has brought to us. And, consider that we haven’t even touched on the impact they’ve made in the progressive branch of metal! To Rush- many a thanks. To my brother- take a shower, your meds, and stay away from the nutria rats.

Our commentary is about honesty, so prepare yourself if you want to hide from the truth. – Brick & Mason Peerson

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2 Responses to The Peerson Report w/ Brick and Mason Peerson – Is Rush Overrated?

  1. Jenny Fear on July 18, 2016 at 6:21 am

    Mason, you are so right! Quit hitting your head with a Brick!

  2. Martell on July 18, 2016 at 9:44 am

    I’m Canadian, I’m not even allowed to say anything bad about RUSH

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