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Guest Post: Motorhead Enjoying Summer Of Publicity

July 18, 2016


Metal bands have a way of staying relevant these days, even when their style is a pretty far cry from mainstream music. The followings for these groups are so widespread and passionate that it’s difficult to imagine any of the top groups truly fading from the spotlight. This is true even when, as is the case with Motorhead, a leading man passes away. But in the summer of 2016, Motorhead seems to be enjoying a boost in publicity that goes beyond the standard attention of adoring fans and effectively serves as a tribute to iconic front man Lemmy.

The most obvious aspect of the publicity surge is the fact that Motorhead released their 13th live album this summer. Titled “Clean Your Clock,” the album was recorded during the European 40th Anniversary Tour, and is expected to be the last professionally recorded compilation of live music the band will have ever produced. It came out on June 10, and the critical reception was generally strong, with one review summing it up as a fitting and comforting end cap, specifically for the life and career of Lemmy.

Aside from the album release and its reception, however, there have also been various additional tributes to Motorhead emerging this year. For instance, earlier this month it was announced that a statue of Lemmy would be unveiled outside of Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood. The restaurant was evidently one of Lemmy’s favourite establishments, and the statue — which will be a life-sized bronze piece crafted by an LA-based artist — is meant to become a permanent fixture. It’s a wonderful tribute, and one that fans from around the world can appreciate when visiting LA.

As a less somber celebration of the band, NetEntertainment Services and Global Merchandising Services have also announced the release of a brand new Motorhead-themed slot for online gamers to enjoy. This is part of a series of rock-related games NetEntertainment is working on, and it will reportedly be called Motorhead: Louder Than Anything Else (a play on the 1999 live album titled “Everything Louder Than Everyone Else”). It’s to be released in the autumn, and if it’s like other heavy metal slot games on the Internet it will be a satisfying experience filled with recognizable imagery and legendary sounds from the band.

And finally, in perhaps the most surprising move to commemorate the band and its departed front man, London will be hosting “Motorhead Day” later this month in a celebration meant to be reminiscent of the group’s debut performance. The event is being called “Raise A Glass For Lemmy” (in addition to just Motorhead Day), and will take place at the Black Heart Inn on July 20. While it’s not being billed as a full concert, there will be DJs recreating iconic music from the band.

Given all that Motorhead and the fans have been through in the last year or so, all of this combines to make for a pretty impactful summer. It all goes to show the ongoing appreciation for one of the truly great metal bands of history.

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