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4 Stories Up – Chapter 31

July 18, 2016

4 Stories Up Short Stories

4 Stories Up is a fictional, serial story that follows a talented, sexy female drummer as she seeks fame and fortune with a band. Tory is a woman making her her way in a male-dominated world of heavy metal. She is passionate in life and music and she plays for keeps. Her feisty nature often gets her in trouble but she fights on towards perfection in her love, her music and her life. – Find past chapters here.

—– —– —– —– —–

Phillip entered the garage after his talk with Beth and, to his surprise, he found the whole band there.  The four were sitting around, laughing and talking.  Mandy was there too, looking a bit too cozy with Jake for Phillip’s liking.

“Hey, guys,” Phillip smiled, “guess what?”

“Hey dad,” Jake greeted him.

“You guys remember that country music place down the road?  They are under new management – called The Pit.  The manager just offered us a gig this weekend and we keep the door.”

Chris shook his head a bit.  “The Pit?  Who’s the manager?”

“Her name is Beth.  I think she’s new to the business.  But she offered us a chance to play and if we draw, we can talk about becoming the house band there.”

“Phillip, slow down.  What are you talking about?” Chris asked, frowning.  “Did you give her a copy of our cd?  What’s her background?  What’s the bar looking for?”

Phillip frowned.  Honestly, he’d been so confused by the conversation with Beth and so intent on her large brown eyes, he hadn’t even thought of the most basic questions that Chris was firing at him now.  He suddenly felt very sheepish.

“I left her the cd, but she had agreed to the arrangement before she even listened to it.  She is excited to have some hard rock in the club,” he said as professionally as possible.

“Dude,” Doug frowned, “with all due respect, that sounds weird.”

“Look,” Phillip said defensively, “it’s a place to play this weekend.  I thought you guys would be happy.”

“We are,” Tory interjected.  “We’re just a little concerned.  I mean, what if this manager…”

“Beth,” Phillip offered.

“What if Beth is shady. What if the crowd is looking for something different?  The last time I went by there, it still looked like a county bar.  Are they going to come in for a hard rock band?”

“Guys,” Mandy said, “I’m sure if Phillip thinks it’s fine, it will be fine.  He’s a good manager.”

This made Phillip feel even worse.  He turned and stalked into the house, muttering, “You’re all welcome.”

As he slammed the door behind him, he marched into the washroom and looked at himself in the mirror.  What was wrong with him?  This wasn’t the first time he had talked to an attractive woman.  He had never lost himself so much during a conversation about the band.  In fact, the business side was really the one thing he was good at.  Had her eyes and her curves really distracted him that much?  “No,” he thought to himself.  “I’m lonely.  Jake is gone most nights now and I have no one.  I got distracted because she was talking to me like a man, not just a manger.”

He heard Jake come in and say, “Dad?”

Sighing, Phillip left the washroom and faced his son.  “Yah,” he said grimly.

“Dad, we’re sorry if we upset you.”

“No, Jake, I’m sorry.  Let’s go out and talk to everyone else.”

The two entered the garage and everyone looked up expectantly.  “Look, I was off my game tonight, and I screwed up.  I’m sorry,” he admitted shamefaced.

“No, Phillip,” Tory said, always the mediator, “we’re sorry.  You have a good instinct for these things.  We can’t always expect Tampa stadiums.  If this works out, it will be great.”

Doug and Jake nodded enthusiastically.  Chris gave a single nod and flipped through a magazine.

“Thanks, guys.  I’ll cancel if you want.”

“Hell no,” Doug smiled, “let’s do it up!”

That Thursday night, the band entered The Pit and looked around.  It still had the country music vibe with all the wood.  They felt slightly uneasy as Phillip went to find Beth.

Phillip and Beth returned to the band and Beth greeted everyone with a smile.  “Hello, 4 Stories Up!” she gushed.  “Let’s find you guys a place to get ready after you set up.  Follow me!”

Phillip smiled after her and followed her to an area behind the stage.

Chris smirked.  “Well now I see why he got distracted,” he said.

“What?” Tory said.

“Look at the curves on that woman.  She’s got big brown eyes and boobs to spare.”

“Chris!” Tory gasped.

“What?  He’s a guy.  She’s a woman.  It explains everything.  Did you see him smile at her?  He likes her.”

Jake pushed by the rest of the band and stomped to the stage.  “Good job, Chris,” Tory whispered.


“Did it ever occur to you that your sick observations might upset Phillip’s SON?”

“It’s not like he’s never been with a woman who wasn’t Jake’s mom.  Right?”

Tory raised her eyebrows at him.

“Oh my God!  He hasn’t been with anyone since Jake’s mom?  That’s, that’s nuts.”

“Why?  Because he loved her and stayed true to her?”

Chris looked at her in amazement.  Honestly, his mother had never gone a week without a new guy so he had never even considered that someone could have been celibate for eight years!

As Tory, Chris and Doug walked into the dressing room, they caught sight of Phillip leaning closely to Beth and heard them laugh together.  Looking in the dressing room, they saw Jake leaned over his unplugged guitar, playing scales intently.  “This might be quite a night,” Doug whispered.  Tory and Chris nodded silently.

—– —– —– —– —–

Get the latest on Tory and the band between chapters at their official Facebook page!

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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