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WLM Reviews: Shepherd & Martell Talk Paganizer’s On the Outskirts of Hades

July 14, 2016


WLM gets a lot of promos with the term “Swedish Death Metal” in the description and I will be 100% honest when I say only about 5 for every 100 can do the genre any justice. Paganizer has been around for a long time with their first recordings coming out in 1999. However they have had a series of member changes and internal struggles. In this review Shepherd and Martell will work point for point looking at the new EP “On the Outskirts of Hades.”

On the Outskirts of Hades is an EP therefore it is difficult to do an in depth review, but I will say right off the bat the four songs Paganizer has given us left me wanting more. This riff based death metal is in the vein of the more modern swedish death in my opinion but that means it offers a certain amount of catchiness that keeps you going back for more time and time again. ~ Martell

Scandavian metal is just fuckin cool, and right away the march of the music places images of massive bearded men shedding blood at will. Not a bad way to start.  Paganizer has been clearing earth for more than 15 years, and this latest installment is excellent, albeit too short.  I totally dig the mid-tempo approach of Angry All The Time as it allows you to fall into it and mentally move in lock step, and at the same time swings heavy with authority.~ Shepherd

Each song offers something new with the opener “Angry All the Time” having some chug elements of sludge present and my personal favorite “Adjacent to Purgatory” having all the elements of classic thrash I need in my Death Metal. As I said earlier the guitars and well written riffs dominate this short look at a very experienced band. If the EP was a way to market a longer album then the mission has been accomplished. If you are an evidence based reader listen to the short solo on the end of “Adjacent to Purgatory;” that’s how a guitar is meant to be played. ~ Martell

On the Outskirts of Hades has some true death metal breath to it as well, found chiefly on Adjacent to Purgatory, and it’s tone is a good half-octave above guttural, sturdy and muscular.  What trips me out the most with Paganizer is the sick guitar riffage and titan sound that is compact for thrash/death, and although it hints of Viking, to me it really is much different than say, Amon Amarth.  Either way, all these cats will be tipping mugs at Valhalla together, so no need to compartmentalize to an extreme. ~ Shepherd

Paganizer 2016

The doom and gloom approach of “The Netherworld Carnivale” mixes enough moments of thrash in to keep me very intrigued and wondering what is coming next. The track comes in at just over 4 minutes, another 4 would have been very brutal in an epic way. Overall I listened to Paganizer many many times over the last two weeks and haven’t tired of it yet. The knock on EPs is always the standard not long enough, but when you have four distinct songs you never tire of maybe the band realized you could in fact have too much of a good thing. ~ Martell

With headphones blaring and eyes closed there is such at atmospheric feel to The Netherworld Carnivale that you can almost sense the salty air.  Horns up to the righteous bass rips in the midst of the track. Check out the Sabbath like sound near the end for another reason to hail Paganizer. When it’s said and done, I wish more would have been said and done. You can swallow this whole, and you’ll do so over and over. Don’t kid yourselves Paganizer, your fully in the fiery pit of hell, not on the periphery.  Can Paganizer come visit the states soon?  ~ Shepherd

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