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Shepherd’s Top 10 Half-Time Show (2016 Album Ratings)

July 13, 2016


I was warned, early in the process. Martell told me the longer I stayed on the WLM train, the heavier my tastes in metal would become. This list of my favorite 2016 albums released so far (July), gives credence to that prediction. The beatings are more severe than ever, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

10. Striker- Stand By The Fire     Good time Canadian rockers score again with the same formula that thrilled with City of Gold.  Striker is so easy to listen to, drink beer to, and just have fun with. Go ahead, try em’ on for size.

9. Skeleton Wolf- Skeleton Wolf     The newcomers of the year. Able to lay down thrash, death, and punk, all in the same album. This is a start to a career that holds much promise.

8. Aborted- Retrogore       I couldn’t believe Aborted could turn around so quickly from their last superb effort and go ahead and top it.  Grindcore is how’s its labeled, but all I hear is heavy as hell and addictive. How long can they keep this streak going?

7.  Amon Amarth- Jomsviking      Talk about a band that finds a way to stay fresh.  Both Harley and Fern saw these Viking warriors live in Chicago, and both raved about the sound.  Death metal with catchy vocals and sticky riffs.

6. Fit For An Autopsy- Absolute Hope Absolute Hell        Touring alongside Thy Art Is Murder, they share some musical similarities, and Ghosts In The River may be my favorite song of 2016.


5. Megadeth- Dystopia      Admit it, you thought they couldn’t produce at the highest level anymore, right? Guilty as sin, thrilled to death to be wrong, Mustaine creates a gem, Adler on drums puts it over the top.

4. Hellyeah- Undeniable    After seeing them live, days before this album dropped, I still had no idea the impression it would make. Song after song drip and bleed emotion, what an incredible blend.

3. Revocation- Great Is Our Sin   So I have a non-sexual man crush on Dave Davidson. I said it. Can you blame a brother with that guitar work and song-writing? I can listen to Revocation for hours on end.

2. Death Angel- The Evil Divide     Mark Osegueda said this work contained a sense of desperation in every track, but after the greatness of The Dream Calls For Blood, I thought there was no way they could top that. I was wrong.

1. Whitechapel- The Mark of the Blade     No band has taken bigger strides than these Knoxville core metalheads. The clean singing is incredible, but how they kept the razor sharp attack is the real feat. Gabe Crisp is the best bassist in the heavy side of metal today.


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