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Friday Night Six Pack – WLM Throwback/Flashback Edition

July 8, 2016

Six Pack of Metal

Your boss can take his micro-managing bad breath and endless stupid ideas that are a road to nowhere and stick it under his half-priced toupee. With your check in hand and the entire weekend to jam out, liberation has come. 

Floating down the highway your car just seems to find the liquor store (how does this keep happening?), and you skip down the aisle looking for the tasty suds that will wet your whistle.

Every Friday WLM is doing the same, but with the tunes. We’ll select some choice videos to accompany those cold ones. Come back each Friday and see what flavors are dancing on the tip of our tongues (I mean ears). You get the point.

Do you ever go a while or a long time without hearing tracks you were overly obsessed with? Then when you hear the track, it’s almost as if you heard it again for the first time or better yet nostalgia and/or endorhpins begin to kick in again, like a familiar friend from the past. It’s like a cycle of metal, for every few months or so I tend to listen to different groups together in rotation, with the exception of some staple artists that I listen to always regardless. Does that ever happen with you?

A kind of ‘Flashback Friday’ for you all, these tracks were my favorite’s from about three years ago and still carry that power punch from when I begun my journey here with the We Love Metal family. Safe to say all these tracks are at least three years old and some of these artists have already released newer material, pretty interesting to hear the sound change-up from then and now, boy have these years flown by! I realize I haven’t been around that long to have grown up with the metal forefathers/founders unfortunately. Anyway, a throwback, flashback, whatever you wanna call it, hopefully I’ve inspired you to further research and check out one of these bands. It was great to listen to these modern throwbacks again . Stay Metal \m/

CHTHONIC – Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace

Energy, emotion, eargasmic. The three “E’s” that make this track phenomenal. A little action movie in itself, the video is very epic in many ways. You can feel the emotion the band releases in addition to the energy they display. The buildup of speed is just amazing and an almost battle anthem really heeds the calling of this astonishing work.

AMORPHIS – The Wanderer

What I believe to be their best track, Amorphis really lays it in with the harmonics and melodies on this one. If you’ve had your dreams crushed, taken away, discouraged or are unforseeable then this track goes out to you. Just when you’ve lost almost all hope, a track like this one was born. Though this track speaks of a man, I am sure we ourselves have had a reality check or something happen to discourage us from going where we want to go. The lyrics are very special in this case.

HEAVENLY – Lost In Your Eyes

Very visually aesthetic, let’s put it that way. The magic the visuals create in this video are of other wonders. Check it out to see what I mean. One could say everything about this track is gripping. Instrumentally energetic, this is very synonymous in a power metal sense. The recording, shots, angles and visuals perfectly are synched with the music, something I think no other music video has ever done. Kudos on this one.

 EPICA – Storm The Sorrow

Very dark and somber, sorrow certainly pertains to this track. While that may be the case, you have the beautiful Simone Simons leading the way with her captivating essence. The track invites the listener to take a trip down awakening ventures while really trying to push the listener to overcome the darkness within.


Very catchy and groovy, this track certainly plays to the devils advocate. With Maria Brink, letting go of her innocence this track is where she really gets down to the nitty gritty. Poking at relationships, Maria reveals a side of hers we never saw up to this point in their career. The album overall steps away from their metalcore and safe ways as they inject their fans with a dose of dark reality. I always want to headbang and pound my fists into something when I hear this one.

PATHFINDER – When The Sunrise Breaks The Darkness

It’s time to go to battle fellow kinsmen! Epic in virtually every sense, this one makes me want to time-travel back to the medieval times. For those favorable of neoclassical and power metal elements, if you have never heard of Pathfinder, well here you go! From the group’s last album in 2012, it’s about time we get some sort of new music from them. These guys will always be a hidden gem and if and when their next album hits us, it hopefully will be even more epic beyone proportions!

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