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Skeleton Wolf tearing flesh from the bone.

April 21, 2016

skeleton wolf

I came into my first Skeleton Wolf listening experience with one main objective: to feel something real, born from heavy guitar. After my brief excursion into the world of rap (Yelawolf concert) last week, my system craved metal. Thick, bass-driven angry as hell, dripping with killer riffage, head-banging goodness.

A mighty oak of American extreme metal, Skeleton Wolf has limbs of thrash and black metal scream vocals, but the sturdy trunk is built from darkness and blistering guitar. In a heavy metal musical time where bands blur the lines of death, thrash, black, and core, we have a six-song effort that fuses most of those elements well, with no real adherence to one main sub-genre. Pinning Skeleton Wolf down isn’t necessary, just rip juicy thick cuts of meat from whatever appendage appeals most to you.

She’s Insane draws attention as guitarist Brett Schlagel sets the mid-tempo track off with a catchy sound before vocalist Tim Green works through a lyrical stream focused on a woman we should both fear and desire. It is the center line track from an EP that tramples through the metal forest as delicately as Thor dragging hammer, crushing everything with no regard for life.

Use your mental faculties and decipher what M.P.F.F stand for, or better yet get some sour mash and crank up your system. This may be simple bulldozer battering ram music, but I can envision some brews being thrown down with gusto on a hot day to it, and what’s wrong with that.

Somewhere on the North Sea, returning from plunder, Amon Amarth must hear the thunder of Bow Down To Death and drink from the skulls of their defeated enemies. Glorious pummeling from all directions, this is mosh-pit madness that blows the sails of Viking metal ships, without going full Beowulf. Furious and muscular, this formula is equal parts death, black, and thrash, and mixed together in a boiling cauldron of hate, you won’t be able to walk away unscathed.

Released on June 10, the self-titled debut album from Skeleton Wolf is a must add to any metal collection that bares teeth for revolt. Fantastic work, brick heavy smashed face assemblies of angst, it contains all the tools. At The Sixth Foot is yet another blunt force trauma head splitter that beckons you to listen close to the lyrics while enjoying the slaying underway. Never far away though is the sticky guitar riffage that keeps the cells moving and bouncing, fighting off any chance of inactivity or the stench of stale.

Shepherd Says- 9/10 Message to other, more established heavy metal acts looking for road warriors to beef up a bill, look no farther than Skeleton Wolf, but don’t sleep because they’ll steal the show.

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