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WLM Reviews: Fire and Gasoline – Lee Aaron

April 6, 2016

Lee Aaron Fire and Gasoline Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the new album from Lee Aaron. Fire and Gasoline was just released on March 25th of this year and I couldn’t wait to hear it. Lee Aaron has undergone many metamorphoses through the years. She has been classified as pop-metal, alternative rock and jazz so I was curious what this new album would bring. I found that it brought it all and had fun doing it!

The first track, called Tomboy, has an empowering message for young women everywhere. That message is to be who you want to hell with what anyone else thinks or says. Aaron’s daughter was the inspiration for this song and she appears on the video with some of her friends. The song is fearless and strong without being preachy and it’s all about following your dreams and being true to yourself. As someone with a teenage daughter, it is a message I appreciate for the next generation of women!

The next track is the title track and it brings some harder riffs with it. I really liked this track and felt the alternative rock flowing through it.

Wanna Be offers is much lighter. It is catchy and fun to listen to. At the first run through, I almost thought “pop song” but her gravelly voice and guitar riffs keep it from falling from the pop-metal category. It definitely made me think of “Whatcha Do To My Body” and I can see it being mainstream enough to be a hit for her.

My favourite track, though, was Find the Love; the last track of the album. Lee Aaron really uses her voice as an instrument on this song. There is a jazz feel to it and her vocals are hauntingly beautiful. She truly offers her fans a piece of herself on this track and I hope everyone appreciates it.

Lee Aaron Live
Overall, this album highlights the maturity of Lee Aaron and I think it likely offers a true reflection of her own goals and desires. It intermixes the genres in which she has immersed herself and offers her own style and sound. It ranges from jazzy to alternative to pop-metal and is fun to listen to all the way through. I think that this album shows that Lee Aaron has come into her own and is comfortable in her own skin. I will be listening to this album for many months to come!


Morgan Storm

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