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The Peerson Report w/ Brick and Mason Peerson – Music Racism

February 29, 2016

Peerson Report

The views and opinions expressed by Brick and Mason Peerson are solely those of the original authors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of We Love Metal, the We Love Metal staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

Brick: Well Mason, the title says it all. Music racism. I guess it’s more music prejudice, but I think you get the point. This prejudice takes place on one of the biggest music stages in the world. The Grammy’s. Metal and the Grammy’s go together much like Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp. Awful.

Even if you put the past to the side this storm of awful happened just this year. Ghost wins for best metal performance and heads to the stage in full gear. Sounds great right. If you saw the Grammy’s it sounds like a lie because Ghost was nowhere to be seen. Apparently the metal award is given out in the untelevised portion of the show. The one award we have is untelevised, yet there is best pop male, best pop female, best pop makeup, best pop hair, best pop video involving a big ass, etc. Why does this happen when metal and hardrock consistently outsells pop?

The Peerson ReportMason:  I for one am happy for it. The Grammy’s can shove their trophy in their trash heap of pseudo-talented musicians that use tech to enhance and cover up. We don’t need em, and we don’t want em. Always has been a joke, and I wish every metal band would boycott it and ask for the so called accolade to be removed, no metal category whatsoever. Our people win their awards when people go ape-shit on a Tuesday night in a mosh-pit of grand excitement, and then meet us at the merch table or the bar after the show because they aren’t afraid to be with us, and if fact, they love it.

Pop and country are the establishment candidates, out of touch with the people, enclosed in their fake world, and that suits me just fine. Being an outsider means we do our own thing, so let’s do our own thing. Fuck the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and fuck the grammy awards. We know who we are, and our bands know us. I’d rather have a cold beer with Vader in a shitty venue and I bet they would prefer that to the smile for the haters crowd bullshit.

Brick: Lord tunderin’ Mason you couldn’t be more wrong if you said dirty water makes the best moonshine. Basically what you’re saying is metal bands win the people’s choice award every night. News flash; no one wants the people’s choice award. Awards are about being recognized by your peers and that bit of accreditation is important. Just because it isn’t handled right now doesn’t mean it should be stopped completely. Imagine if Pa had stop growing potatoes all together because that one batch turned out looking like Abe Lincoln? We would have been hungry and he would have felt like he didn’t match up to the other farmers.

Having something from those in the same industry is very important to artistic growth. You need something to measure yourself against. You could get the most fan reaction just because your front man is “prettier” than everyone else. That means nothing when it comes to your music. You need some artistic validation.

Mason: Validation comes from those who know you best. Musical “peers” is a conspicuous term at best. As if David Draiman or Scott Stapp have any flippin right to judge Rob Halford, Chuck Billy, or anyone in the metal industry. And Pa didn’t give one cold Molson if the crooked teeth neighbors thought our taters were better than theirs.

Back to validation. I stand by fans being the ultimate validation. That dude standing next to me the other night in the Goatwhore shirt knew more about the band than some record exec or corporate bitch, and ultimately he decides the fate of the band much more. Awards are a joke when the grass roots aren’t involved. Isn’t this the same group of no-nothings that chose Jethro Tull over Metallica in your “precious” metal category years ago. And selected Ghost over Lamb of God a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, they sure know metal don’t they.

Brick: I agree they don’t know metal at all and as a side note you don’t seem to remember Daddy sleeping in that fireplace for six nights over “the great Abe potato debaucial.” The point is they should know metal and recognize our artists. The best of the best should be represented on what has become the standard in which music is judged; by its peers.

Bring some metal people into the academy that know. End this joke and give our musicians the credit they deserve. If the Grammy’s are what they claim to be they should represent all music, not just the shit on the radio. Metal needs the Grammy’s and the Grammy’s need metal. We have the fans, but to make the real money they deserve the artists need the industry. Getting proper recognition on the biggest stage in the world is a great first step to that.

Mason: Not for a million guitar picks do we need the Grammy’s. I call for this boycott immediately and I appoint Slash our ambassador. He needs to show up as a presenter, head swirling with his half bottle of Jack Daniels and give those stuck up asshats some good old fashion metal shenanigans, stamping and cementing the fact that the Grammy’s are a waste of our time and we’ll keep our outsider status, which is metal anyway.

Sorry brother, I didn’t have the heart to tell you until now, but the Abe Tater Scandal only happened because you got wasted and relieved yourself in our special fertilizer blend. And that pissfest was no better than the Grammy’s.

Our commentary is about honesty, so prepare yourself if you want to hide from the truth. – Brick & Mason Peerson

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