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Bullet For My Valentine Concert Review

February 23, 2016

Bullet Concert

Scream, Aim, Fire. For sure.

Scream, Youth, Black. Much more accurate.

Saturday night, at The Aragon Ballroom (looking better than ever after a slight makeover), Bullet For My Valentine bled deep for their young followers, imparting an emotional set that relied more on passion than technicality. That distinction had no bearing on a crowd that mirrored singer Matt Tuck with every move and word.

Let’s start with scream. For years it has been bandied about that Tuck has been dealing with vocal issues from his reliance on extended blood curdling screams that seem to drive female fans to lose bodily control, as evidenced by the smearing of plenty of black mascara all around (some male as well). While the muscular front man didn’t attempt every glass breaker, his completion percentage was high, and his enthusiasm unquestionably impressive. Tears Don’t Fall, which is an x-ray of Bullet For My Valentine, was absolutely dynamic, but what shocked was how bulky and dense the end product was. The heaviness of the guitars was a bit unexpected and certainly welcomed.

Black. Boy did I miss the mark on this one. Already 20 years beyond the median fan age (being kind), how could wearing blue make one stand out like the neon light bulb? Simple, this demographic is hoodie and nose ring, black makeup and frustration, hormones and conviction. A dark stage lacked contrast with the black clad heroes on stage, but what was cool is how themed that came across with songs like Venom and the closer, Waking The Demon. As a casual fan, it was easy to stand back and simply survey, and Bullet For My Valentine resonates with their people. The latter track, found the most berserk moments of the night, with what Overkill fans would deem a makeshift mosh pit at best, the older leading the young in a bash fest that still got it done.

Addressing youth, it was clear that the addition of Asking Alexandria was a wise choice for the headliners. Even more connected by age with the majority of fans, it was evident how well received (although I saw none of it due to a lengthy stop by Wisconsin’s finest state patrol), they are. Scanning the crowd and busy lines at the merch booth, AA held their own, helping this package reach the likes of the Aragon Ballroom, instead of the smaller stages inside the mega-cool Milwaukee venue.

Bullet For My Valentine has special talents. When they ripped into Alone, from The Fever, smiles mixed with pain spread across hundreds of faces, and there was a unified moment that any band from any genre would kill for. The finest solos of the night, the best drumming (minus an unexpected solo), Alone was a white-capped wave of metal to be remembered.

Wrapping their metaphorical arms around their base, Bullet For My Valentine speaks to the heartbreak and pain found so readily in today’s world. Even from the periphery, one can’t miss the bond between band and fan. And horns up for the tribute to Motorhead!

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