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The Peerson Report w/ Brick and Mason Peerson – Why Can’t We All Just Get Along

February 22, 2016

Peerson ReportThe views and opinions expressed by Brick and Mason Peerson are solely those of the original authors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of We Love Metal, the We Love Metal staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

Mason: Why can’t heavy metal fans get along? As a member of several Facebook groups, like Extreme Metal, Death Metal, Glam Metal, and so on, people are so ready to attack differences, even within a homogenous clan. For example, a recent post simply asked what is your favorite album from a pretty well known death metal band (I won’t mention it as I don’t want unfair reflection on them since they did nothing in the process). And after a few replies it turned uglier than my mother-in-law without her makeup. Are we really that shallow? I like album A more than album B, so you hurl insults faster than a Nolan Ryan fastball at me? No wonder people outside metal treat us like a joke.

Brick: Really??? You kumbaya’ed my ass last week talking about how all metal fans get along at festivals and it’s like a big love in, now your turning on those same people? Those insults are passion and standing by your band. That passion is what makes us metal fans and people treating us like a joke are just jealous and sometimes scared of our intensity and love for the music.

It’s like a family, we fight like hell over little things like albums, but when the chips throw down we have each others back. Hair metal maniacs standing up for the death metal guys. We see that time and time again. Just because you disagree with me Mason does that make our family a joke?

Mason:  I do recall that middle school play when you played Tinkerbell. That was a riot! Fighting, perhaps may not be the correct word, as we are talking about keyboard anonymous petty crap. How likely is it that these same insults would be hurled face to face?

Honestly, I do enjoy some of it, like the death and black metal fans making fun of Disturbed and Five FThe Peerson Reportinger Duck Suck when these borderline bands act all tough. The show is fun, as long as it isn’t real. You and I do scan, sample,and savor anything from Warrant to Deicide, but that I’m thinking is far from the norm, and I’m not about to agree that these people are on the same side. Metal fans are seriously judgemental and territorial.

Brick: As is anyone. We all protect what we love. There are points for you on the keyboard cowboy crap, but I think judgemental is the wrong word. We know what we like and take it very seriously. You yourself just called FFDP a derogatory name so are you in that same class? Are you judgemental and territorial? Of course you are.

Metal is so complicated and diverse this type of argument is bound to happen. Pop or Country just don’t have the subgenres to allow people to protect within the same brand so they appear united when in reality their music is just so simple they don’t have a choice and follow like sheep to the slaughter. You can’t call metal fans anything because the choices we make in the same brand of music is unprecedented.

Mason: Your sharp today, did mom give you all your meds? I am seriously protective of the bands I love, and my problem with FFDP and Disturbed is that we both know 500 bands with far more talent that will never rip on a major stage. Furthermore, I want metal to be represented by truly great musicians, which is yes, partially subjective. It’s a good problem to have, no doubt, but I’ve seen fists fly over whether or not to designate Kid Rock as metal. That’s stupidity to the max, and hard to defend.

As much as I hate giving you any credit at all, since you stole Emma Lou from me back in high school (oh I haven’t forgot), the multiple sects of metal does give way to exclusivity under the same general umbrella.

Brick: Since I have the last word I will declare myself the winner. Although since Momma hates us fighting I also give you credit for the term “good problem to have.” Metal is a massive family of music that can almost appear different from each other, yet as fans we all want that one term of METAL to apply to us all. We just can’t seem to agree on a definition for that elusive word. If you throw the horns at Kid Rock he is metal to you. If you throw the horns at Warrant, they are metal to you. Metal is as metal does. Badass is badass. Except Emma Lou; that was nice ass.

Our commentary is about honesty, so prepare yourself if you want to hide from the truth. – Brick & Mason Peerson

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