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Heretic’s Dream – Floating State Of Mind

February 22, 2016

Heretics Dream Floating State of Mind AlbumThe music industry can be a rocky road and one group out of Italy can attest to the real-life struggles that it brings. At the same time, these past struggles have helped curb them into a stronger version of themselves. Born in 2010, Heretic’s Dream came to be after guitarist Andrej Surace and singer Francesca Di Ventura came to The UK. Although their strenuous passion for music led them to work together, their personal tastes in different genres were a sort of struggle for them to come to a concise one genre musical project. The addition of a bassist helped solidify the group’s style of play, but it wasn’t really up until two years ago where the group really started to have gears turning and propel this project forward. During the previous years, the group released some albums as well as undergo some lineup changes but this did not let the group really go down as the group is ready for the next phase in their career with the launch of their third album, Floating State Of Mind. This ten-track album explores many genres throughout the metal scene, something that they’ve nailed down as a feature of their music. Having charisma and energy that I had initially underestimated, the album is a pleasurable roller coaster that hits pinnacles of momentous metal glory to low points of down-tuned affairs. Overall, you’ll be slapped and tossed around much of the metal spectrum as their attitiude and sound changes often throughout the album.

Face The Agony is a speed demon initially with a thrashy, deathy entrance that certainly leaves one shaken up and it’s not too long thereafter where the tracks slows down, gets more melodic and very riffy. The melodic component is certainly catchy with the band picking the perfect track to be their opening impact. Pilgrim is a rather interesting track. It’s real hard to pinpoint one sound/genre the track takes on as there are technical moments, progressive moments, and spurts of double bass here and there. The definitive bass certainly stands out and vocalist Francesca really begins to showcase her prospectful vocals. Soul Driven has a heavier presence to it. A groovy, riffy entrance, lures listeners into it’s magical stance. The progression is very addicting. unique vocal styles, dual male vocals make a presence showcasing a great combo of yin and yang. The track flys by pretty quickly so pay extra attention.

Secret Place has a melancholic and somber atmosphere, with gothic undertones carrying the foundation. The track reminds me of something another group known as, The Birthday Massacre, could have released. Make sure to stick around later for the curve ball with a bass drop, awesome breakdown and shredtastic solo, overall the group coinciding as one. Wherever this “secret place” is, take me there asap. Golden Cage is also not bad. Some cool bass picking initiates the track with groovier than usual riffs coming in. This is one of those tracks that belongs in a live setting as the masses can bounce up and down and get amped up with this track. The track eventually gets into this “stop and go” ambience with male and female vocals throwing lyrics back at one another. A New Season also brings in a significant amount of progressive play. Lots of great filler, the electronic sounding solo towards the latter half is one of my favorite moments of the album.

Not a bad album at all from this Italian act. With a talented vocalist, changing their sound throughout much of the album and much more, the album might be worth checking out to some of you. At certain points I felt as though they may have held back or could have elaborated more on certain structures but if you’re not too picky or judgemental on your metal than you’ll probably click with the album. I’m hoping on their next album we witness and hear of course some epic moments. Nonetheless, the album was not too shabby, will have to be in the mood for this one. Stay Metal \m/

Floating State Of Mind: 7/10

Official Website: http://www.hereticsdream.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Heretics-Dream-229362950413489/

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