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WLM Reviews: Headspace – All That You Fear Is Gone

February 21, 2016

Headspace - All That You Fear is GoneI hadn’t heard of “supergroup” Headspace before getting the promo for their latest. When I saw that Damian Wilson (Threshold) was holding down vocal duties, how could I resist checking out All That You Fear is Gone from InsideOut?

So the band has one part of the critical equation solved with Wilson. How about the other – songwriting? I think they pretty much nailed that side as well. The band members are heavy hitters elsewhere, namely keyboardist Adam Wakeman (Ozzy & Black Sabbath), guitarist Pete Rinaldi (live with Haken) and bassist Lee Pomeroy (Steve Hackett). This album is clearly Prog Metal in nature and quite nicely executed with a variety of styles, not so different as to depart from Prog, but actually fitting into the broad expanse of what that word means anymore.

All That You Fear is Gone covers an expanse of 70 minutes, ranging from placid piano work to blusey acoustic work to flat out heavy and complex Prog Metal. A semi-concept album, lyrically covers the group versus the individual. These aren’t necessarily only institutions, but even smaller social groups where some kind of conformity to a norm is expected. They support the individual’s rights and freedom – some concepts most Metal fans can get behind, though even we have our norms and expectations.

The first couple of songs – Road to Supremacy and Your Life Will Change – aren’t mind blowing, but they are very well written, interesting tracks that should have you hooked, looking for more. Polluted Alcohol is the blues-tinged acoustic number to which I earlier referred. Wilson‘s delivery is clean and clear. It’s a great track, but I would have liked it if he tried a smokier, rougher vocal style. The opening bars of Kill You With Kindness remind me quite a bit of Anacrusis, but the song morphs into a mix between heavier Threshold and a 70s prog rock feel. I suppose that comes from Wakeman‘s DNA. The Science Within Us clocks in at 13 minutes, and at times really feels like it. The middle section drags a bit, leading me to think the song could have been trimmed down a tad. The Prog parts are certainly attention grabbing though. The track is seemingly extended by the couple of following tracks – Semaphore (a brilliant song) and The Death Bell. There isn’t exactly a musical motif that carries through, but there is a feeling that the three might be combined into a single 20 minute composition. In fact, the way the last of the trio ends, one could make the case for adding The Day You Return.

The flow of the entirety of All That You Fear is Gone indicates a great deal of planning and the thought that went into the construction and final assembly. Much of the latter half of the album blends together nearly seamlessly, presenting the band’s ideas as the conceptual story that it essentially is. That said, I also think there are more memorable individual tracks up front, especially the first four.

Check out Your Life Will Change:

It’s always great to discover an album and a group that I didn’t previously know, but one that has been around for a while. It doesn’t hurt to have a vocalist such as Wilson on your team either, someone who is unique enough to stand out and makes the final product that much better. If you enjoy a touch of 70s prog in your Prog Metal, along with some very well written and executed music, be sure to get All That You Fear is Gone from Headspace.

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