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Martell Rants: Bowie, Michaels, Radio, and More…

February 18, 2016

Martell RantsEvery once in awhile the stories and events that take place in the world of heavy metal get to me and I just have to vent. This article gives me the chance to let you know how much things can piss me off, make me laugh, or puzzle me! Martell Rants have proven to be a very popular column that is by far the most fun to write. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see my opinion on feel free to email or leave a comment below. Now it’s time:

– I’m going to start this rant with something very serious that needs to be addressed. A metal band in Iran named Confess has been sitting in an Iranian prison for the following charges related to their music: illegal band formation, illegal lyrics, lyrics that are anti-religion, and the most serious, blasphemy. These charges can carry a life sentence with a chance of execution. EXECUTION! These young men could be killed for playing the music they love. My understanding is they are out of prison on bail, but everyone needs to write about this and bring awareness to the situation before their trial. Take the time, send a letter to the UN, or your local Politician. Remember, we are a metal family.

– on a much less serious note let’s talk about Metallica ripping it up “The Night Before” the Superbowl. Lots of people were criticizing their performance and set list. They didn’t play deep cuts because people didn’t want deep cuts. This was for the casual fan. I personally think it’s great. If even one kid heard those heavy guitars and wanted to try out heavy music the family has grown. Metallica as metal ambassadors has worked in the past.

Megadeth Dave and Dave– there has been a lot of chatter in interviews between Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson. Scares me. Megadeth is a unit firing on all cylinders right now. The new album Dystopia is incredible and I think Ellefson has a massive amount to do with that. The comments from Mustaine about Ellefson not being his “right hand man” and not a “founding member” could easily lead to ill will. These guys need to work this stuff out behind the curtains and realize the greater good to the band and the fans.

– how do you address the Phil Anselmo racist remarks? I’m not sure. Everyone in the music world has chimed in on it and Hellfest in France lost some funding because of it. Anselmo has released two apologies that “are what they are.” In my truth I don’t feel qualified to give a comment on something so heinous to me personally. All I can really say is this isn’t the first time.

Tim “Ripper” Owens said in an interview he doesn’t accept blame/responsibility for the change in Judas Priests sound on the “Jugulator” album. No kidding Ripper. I don’t think there is anyone in the world that thinks you had actual input.

marty friedman– let me start out by saying I have a great deal of respect for the music legend. However I’m having issues with all of the metal folks citing David Bowie as their inspiration. If you listen to the metal media you would think Bowie created the genre. I’ve heard Bowie’s name associated with everything from metal guitars to corpse paint. He was a trend setter, but not ours to claim. Let the “pop” people have their Bowie. RIP

– should musicians be living on their past accomplishments? When new music comes out by new bands you see the famous brackets behind their name citing the past bands they have been in. Does this really let the music speak for itself? In a sense seeing someone like Marty Friedman continuously put (ex-Megadeth) beside his names sets the listener up for failure. Friedman isn’t playing anything like Megadeth anymore so why lead people to believe he is. Is there merit in naming your past accomplishments?

Bret Michaels is selling BM branded luggage. Finally something worse than the KISS coffin. Poison might be finished. Thanks Bret. The world owes you one.

– we are pretty excited here at We Love Metal. Our radio service is starting to really take off. The stream is 24 hours a day and we are pleased to announce the following live shows added to the schedule:

Every Monday – 6 to 8 EST – The Death Metal Den w/ The Shepherd

Every Tuesday 7 to 9 EST – Martell’s Metal Meat Market

Every Wednesday 6 to 8 EST – The Shepherd’s Flock

The radio is still in it’s infancy but we would love to hear your feedback. ~ Martell

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One Response to Martell Rants: Bowie, Michaels, Radio, and More…

  1. jennifer on February 20, 2016 at 6:20 am

    Great comments on Confess, Megadeth, and Bowie. Like you said, there’s nothing really left to comment on Phil Anselmo, just sad and, yeah, it’s not the first time.

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