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Sabaton – Heroes On Tour

February 17, 2016

Sabaton - Heroes On Tour - Artwork

Sabaton have always been highly respected in the metal community. Not only are their historically rich tracks full of epic proportions, but their stage presence is something to witness and experience.

Even if you can’t travel the hundreds or thousands of miles to experience such tenacity, the next best thing is to go out and pick up their latest live CD/DVD or Blu-Ray titled, Sabaton: Heroes On Tour. Recorded from the prestigous Wacken Festival as well as their hometown Sabaton Open-Air Festival, Heroes On Tour features a satisfying mix of tracks in support of their latest album, Heroes, in addition to some of their other big hits. A pretty cool feature, the second disc features two different viewing angles of the group, both from their studio and of course live as well. Even if you’re not a fan of this amazingly talented quintet, the visual aspect alone is enough to make you go out and be part of their shows someday, wherever and whenever you get the opportunity to.

A quick refresher on the group, Sabaton, were formed in Falun, Sweden in 1999. Their main lyricism revolves around war and historical battles/figures. The group also pays tribute to certain metal bands as well, with their own versions of tracks from those bands. The group also hosts the aforementioned Sabaton Open Air in addition to the annual Sabaton Cruise in November. Overall, the vast majority of their tracks bring an unfathomable energy that just latches onto you and is almost inevitable to get out of your system.

The feature kicks things off with an epic entrance titled, The March To War. The goosebumps start simmering and lead way to the explosive track, Ghost Division. With pounding rhythms, if you’re not familiar at all with this one, I highly suggest you check it out. The next batch of tracks also come from promotional singles which include: To Hell And Back, Carolus Rex and Resist and Bite. Even if you only know their singles and more familiar tracks, the remainder of the tracks continue to emerge as champion tracks such as Panzerkampf, Gott mit uns  and Soldier of 3 Armies. Not only are the tracks just immersive and immense in a live atmosphere but the group’s crazy antics on stage bring some originality and variety, something that not many acts can say they excel at doing. In the end, Sabaton, close the feature with a superb selection of their bigger hits like Night Witches, Primo Victoria and Metal Crue. The 73-minute run Heroes On Tour lasts, by the end will have you craving more Heroic energy to blast those ears.

This is perhaps the first live feature that is pretty much captivating in all essences. Perfectly recorded live, you’ll feel right at the metal battlefield with Sabaton behind your back fighting the un-metal masses. In all seriousness, Heroes On Tour is a must for any true Sabaton fan and if you’re a new fan potentially interested in picking this up when it comes out next month, it will be some of the best spent money, hands down. A taste of their live setting and you will certainly be keeping an eye out for their return to a show near you. Alas all good things must come to an end for this is but a generous taste of what the group can muster in a live setting. Stay Metal \m/

Heroes On Tour: 10/10

Official Website: http://www.sabaton.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sabaton
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sabaton


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