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Foul Body Autopsy Sure Does Have an Odor

February 17, 2016

foul body

You’re a one man death machine, make this city bleed,” may come from a lyric sheet never to cross the death metal line, but it fits very snugly with Foul Body Autopsy.  A singular sensation, in the form of Tom Reynolds, this UK wonder has been on a quest, criss-crossing his homeland, intent on pulling off the near impossible. That last part is conjecture of course, but the odds are stacked against most of us, it appears that this doesn’t phase Foul Body Autopsy with the release of Perpetuated By Greed (February 26, 2016).
A thin cut of blackened grindcore, it obliterates with a purpose,  “It’s a reflection of how messed up the world is at the moment, and thanks to the right wing turn in politics and in the media a mood of fear and paranoia has taken hold. There are families drowning in the sea, running from the crossfire of blood thirsty extremist death cult and a desperate amoral military dictatorship, and instead of trying to help there are governments doing everything in their power to stop refugees getting to safety. As well as that, we have national newspapers here giving people, and someone in particular, space in their rag to call these affected people cockroaches! We have a Prime Minister who says that anyone that opposes war is a “terrorist sympathiser” and if we look across the pond things are not that much better… a man that looks like a biological car crash is running for president and most of the things he says are completely false but because most of his followers don’t trust the media he can create his own insane reality and have thousands of people blindly agree with him. The future isn’t looking too great.”

How’s that for verbose? If only the tracks were as lengthy.

Musically, there is an air of urgency that mirrors Reynold’s words and the album’s intriguing artwork. Enslaved The Rest Of Creation is swirling and furious, but just as the stampede of guitar and gruff vocals begin to truly stomp, it ends. In fact, it abruptly concludes at exactly 1:00, and this style is used throughout the work, so prepare for rounds of blitzkrieg hit it and quit it heavy metal quickies.  And, as breathlessly manic as that can be, I’d like some foreplay with my climax, please. Yet, the only songs that have extended stay are the title-track opener (2:38) and the concluding track, Complete Environmental Collapse, which both show promise.

Call me antiquated and outdated, but if your going to bank on brevity and shock, then it better be transcendent and memorable. Perpetuated By Greed simply is not top shelf enough to grab and hold. Foul Body Autopsy is a talented project, no doubt, but I’ll stick with heavy and death, and skip the core and grind.

Shepherd Says-  6.5/10  Could you at least buy me a drink or two before the wham-bam see ya mam? And yes, I’m aware of what grindcore means, I just can’t embrace it because I’m the long draw out kind of hugger.

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