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Top 10 – Heavy Metal Cars

February 16, 2016

Heavy Metal Vehicles Top10

This list turned into something completely different than I intended it to be. In a good way. I initially thought I would post some pics of nice cars that represent the “metal” lifestyle. As I started looking though it struck me that some cars reminded me of bands and my impressions of certain members.

That changed the game and now this Top 10 is any vehicle that reminds me of a certain metal act. Cars, trucks, bikes, they all count. Look at it as being outside a heavy metal awards shows and these are the vehicles our favorite stars ride up in. Time for a little fun.

10 Bring Me The Horizon

10 – Bring Me The Horizon – first to pull up to the red carpet is the arrogance and manufactured cool of these scream core kings. I can easily see the boys working this ride.

9 Behemoth

9 – Behemoth – the visuals are obvious to the evil lords, but why the PT Cruiser? We all know Nergel is a practical man. So bring the evil, but on a low gas budget.

8 Poison

8 – Poison – look it’s Bret Michaels and the gang. Still living on the 80s. You could easily replace that Firebird logo with a Cougar. Just sayin’!

7 Phil Anselmo

7 – Phil Anselmo – I’ll let you decide why he chose this ride.

6 Five Finger Death Punch

6 – Five Finger Death Punch – if you looked in the cab while these guys rolled up they would all be naked snapping each other with towels. This is the ultimate cock rock ride.

5 Metallica

5 – Metallica – a limo that is the color of money. Must be Metallica.

4 Local Bands

4 – Every Local Band – this is what you have to ride when people steal your music and venues only give you the door. Something has to suffer as your own industry prevents you from making a living.

3 Cannibal Corpse

3 – Cannibal Corpse – the most successful death metal band in history showed up. It is a BMW, but naturally it has to be covered in blood. Or… they ran over a couple of metalcore bands along the way.

2 The Devil Wears Prada

2 – The Devil Wears Prada – goddamn hipsters, look what they drive.

1 Iron Maiden

1 – Iron Maiden – who needs a car when you own a plane.


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