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Friday Night Six Pack- A Metal Look At World War 2

February 12, 2016

Friday Night Six Pack Banner

Your boss can take his micro-managing bad breath and endless stupid ideas that are a road to nowhere and stick it under his half-priced toupee.  With your check in hand and the entire weekend to jam out, liberation has come. Floating down the highway your car just seems to find the liquor store (how does this keep happening?), and you skip down the aisle looking for the tasty suds that will wet your whistle.

Every Friday WLM is doing the same, but with the tunes. We’ll select some choice videos to accompany those cold ones. Come back each Friday and see what flavors are dancing on the tip of our tongues (I mean ears). You get the point.

World War 1 was supposed to be the war to end all wars; The Great War. Thanks to the Treaty of Versailles, in large part, and the rise of dictators combined the collapse of economies across the globe, humanity once again turned on itself in a host of horrific ways. World War 2 touched virtually every country in some way, and transformed us all. This week we go a bit geek and theme this colossal atrocity, and although many of these images are evil, they are also real, and heavy metal WLM style honors those who served, sacrificed, and even lost it all by staying true with the subject matter.

Iron Maiden- Aces High

Don’t you just love the Winston Churchill intro? The first time I heard it, from Live After Death, I was in Iron Maiden’s pocket. Now it’s a staple of the WW2 unit.

Slayer-Unit 731

Brutal optics, it shows just some of the medical atrocities the Japanese inflicted on the Chinese.

Exodus- Nanking

In 1937 one of the sickest attempts at genocide occurred in Nanking. Believing their emperor was a god, the Japanese thought the Chinese less than animal. This is not often taught in school. It should be.

 Dropkick Murphys- Fighting 69th

Question the metal legitimacy here if you like, but the link to the Irish contribution to the war is not open for debate.

Winterborn- Overture 1939

Most historians consider 1939 the official beginning of WW2, as France and Britain declared war on Germany when Hitler’s troops advanced into Poland. Listen to the beauty here.

Sabaton- White Death

Sabaton practically bases their entire existence with the war identity. This gem focuses on the Russian Army and a warrior like no other.

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