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Delain – Lunar Prelude EP

February 11, 2016

Delain Lunar Prelude2009 saw Delain tell the masses to be weary of when fortune is on your side with April Rain. 2012, Delain released a power anthem that was dedicated to the metal community in We Are The Others. 2014 was the year Delain made aware of how drugs and your body are nothing but industries to corporations in Your Body Is A Battleground. Now, 2016 is here and Delain continue on the triumphant path of tackling real world issues with their single Suckerpunch on their latest EP, Lunar Prelude, set for a February 19 release via Napalm Records. The EP includes two completely brand new tracks, one improved track, four perfectly recorded live tracks and one strictly instrumental version of Suckerpunch. In addition to this new EP, there is some fresh new blood added to their ranks with Drummer Ruben Isreal becoming their newest full-time drummer after the release of their last album, The Human Contradiction. Also added to the Delain family recently was guitarist, Merel Bechtold, as she was associated with MaYaN and Purest of Pain, thus showcasing two guitarists for the first time since their beginning days as the majority of the group’s career have been with one guitarist.

A quick recap on the history of the group, Delain was formed in 2002 by former Within Temptation, keyboardist, Martijn Westerholt and Charlotte Wessels. To this day they are still the only two original members in the group. Their name comes from the Kingdom of Delain in Stephen King’s book, The Eyes of the Dragon. From then on, they have released a couple of full-length original albums, a compilation album and EP’s. Their main genres of metal are symphonic and gothic metal although they love to incorporate other elements/genres as well. Overall, the world of Delain has been nonstop and throughout the years, their sound has matured and taken all sorts of paths and directions. For those who’ve been following the band for years know that they can change their sound and style constantly, which in all honesty is a great talent to have.

Lunar Prelude kicks things off with their heaviest and most energetic track to date, Suckerpunch. Lyrically uplifting and triumphant, the track bravely encourages one to suckerpunch the inner demons that haunt their dreams and real-life. The symphonic aspect is strong, the drums and riffs and bass all coincide perfectly to bring out their magic from within. It’s tracks like Suckerpunch that make Delain set the bar to unfathomable heights, check out the track and video especially if you haven’t yet. You’ll certainly have to take a breather after listening to this astounding track.

Turn The Lights Out is the only other brand new track on this EP. A more magical side to this one, it has a more intimate nature that comes with. Appropriately titled, the track revolves around the character of Death from Neil Gaiman’s, The Sandman whom visits people on their journey to the next life in addition to when they’re born, as the story tells. The galloping element on this track is highly stimulating and addicting. The memorable chorus features Charlotte’s encompassing vocals while hints of electronics and mellow piano pieces place this track on a completely different league than the previous track. I hope this becomes their next single, it’s extremely addicting.

Don’t Let Go was originally featured on The Human Contradiction, but this newly redone verson is much more killer and brings a rebellious attitude with it. A dark beauty seducts the listener with overall instrumentation being extremely riffy and groovy. The electronics once more add a mysterious essence that pivot the track onto a foreboding path. The remainder of the album plays on their last album exclusively as there are live versions of Lullaby, Stardust, Here Come The Vultures, Army Of Dolls and the instrumental only version of Suckerpunch. The live recordings are spot on and capture every bit of detail with tiny variations here and there but overall sticking to the original song. You’ll be immersed in their live atmosphere.

In the end, this EP is over the top phenomenal. For you Delain fans, you must pick this album up, you will see the group in a familiar yet new light and I feel we have yet to see the group’s full potential, if they have not shown it yet with this bombastic EP. As I’ve said with many albums, once you start the album, it will be near impossible to stop it. For the 36-minute run this album has, you will feel an eternal ecstasy you wish never stopped, then real world will hit you. Luckily Delain are here to fuel those of us who seek a better version of ourselves and the world with their superb messages in their lyricism. The magic of Lunar Prelude will cast a spell over you and it’s full effect will take hold once the full-length album arrives. This will be the album of the year. Count On It. Stay Metal \m/

Lunar Prelude: 10/10!

Official Website: http://www.delain.nl/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/delainmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/delainmusic

Tickets for their upcoming US tour with Nightwish and Sonata Arctica can be bought HERE.

Delain Lunar Prelude 2016

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