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Martell Asks – Why Do You?

February 10, 2016

Martell Asks Why Does He Love MetalWe get a lot of questions about our individual tastes here at We Love Metal, so obviously people not only value our opinion on reviews, but they would like to know a little more about our writing crew. What I’ve done is come up with a way for you to see inside the heads of Fernando, Harley, Morgan, Fred, Oscar, Jacob, The Shepherd, JVK, Lyric and Surdus. As for me, I pretty much pour my heart out with every word I write so over the last six years you have found out everything you need to know.

A question has gone out to all the writers with the only perimeters being they have to answer with their first thought. What I got, made this column a monthly feature!

If you enjoy the column let us know, and even better, if there is a question you would like to ask the staff, drop me an email at blknowlton@eastlink.ca. There might just be a gift dropped in the mail for you if your question is used.


This month we are going to do something a little different. No Shepherd, no Harley, no Fern, or any of other amazing writers. This month I will continue my narcissistic nature and answer a personal question posed to me by Harley as a follow up to last month’s column.

Last month I asked the writers: “Why do you love metal?” This question was originally thrown out there by Harley as well so he is the culprit behind all of this; including the comment he left below that story: “So Martell, why do YOU love metal?” I tried to answer in a teasing manner and was told I was blowing smoke; I guess it’s time to answer the question!


I think my reason for loving metal has changed over the years. As a young man it was the rebellious nature of the fact that people didn’t want me listening to “the devil’s music.” That grew into an immense appreciation for the musicianship and idol worship. Having zero musical ability, loving metal allowed me to live vicariously through these larger than life maniacs.

As years went on I actually got away from metal with the exception of the staples like Megadeth and Metallica. I just drifted away from the scene like many of my peers. The real love, the same love I experience everyday for the music came back when I connected with some friends that stayed loyal to metal and showed me that the music was still relevant and harder then hell.

Starting to go back to metal concerts and meeting the metal brethren showed me and my friends that we needed to share that love with others and help people of new generations while bringing back the others that may have strayed such as myself.

As WLM grew I surrounded myself in the metal culture and instantly knew I belonged. As I look at it today “metal” is more than music. It is a family as close to me as the notes in any song. For some reason even when WLM seems like a “real” job I can power through because of the people around me. Metal has provided me opportunities others would only dream of and for that I am thankful. That stuff is awesome, however I want to reiterate the team I have around me and the brethren that shows up at every event is the reason I love metal.

No smoke intended. ~ Martell

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One Response to Martell Asks – Why Do You?

  1. Harley on February 11, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    Thank you sir. It feels complete now!

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