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Imperia – Tears Of Silence

February 9, 2016

Imperia_TearsOfSilence_coverTears of Silence is the fourth album by international metal band, Imperia. Fusing epic and symphonic elements with melodic bearings, this album brought me nostalgic remnants mixed with memorable moments. Everything from the inspiring piano pieces to the heavier riffy style tracks, the album is synonymous with what one would think a female fronted symphonic melodic metal band could bring. Originally lead singer Helena Iren Michaelsen, used to front a metal band known as Sahara Dust and if that name sounds familiar, it might be because that group now goes by the name of Epica. I would say this is a win for the band as if the departure from Sahara Dust never happened, there might not be an impeccable band like Imperia today. Tears Of Silence released via Massacre Records spans 13 tracks with just over an hour of playtime which is a true delight for those who want to explore the magical side of metal. The album cover really attracted me to the album which I can say, not many albums have a striking cover considering how simplistic this one might come across.

Silence Is My Friend has a great and addicting piano opener which leads to some traditional/power sounding metal. Nothing is too overbearing, the symphonic aspect is just right. Broken (When The Silence Cries) is one of the highlight tracks. A more progressive/power feel to it, there’s lots more double bass and more horns and orchestral elements. Singer Helena really gives the masses a taste of her soaring vocals here during the powerful chorus’. My Screaming Heart lures in the headbangers with high energetic vibes and a faster tempo compared to most of the tracks on the album. The symphonies also play an intergral and dominant role on this one.

Spirit Chase (Keep Fighting) has a little more optimistic and uplifting feel to it. With lyrical content that injects the listener to fight for your rights and freedom and mentions how scared you could be, still keep fighting until you are free. Overall, I felt some goosebumps on this one. Following a similar and hopeful temperment, the last batch of tracks have a more intimate atmosphere with metal play kept on the tame side such as the track, Wings Of Hope, which is one of the lengthier tracks on the album. In the end a great violin piece accompanies the outro to this one. We’ll Be Free also follows a similar path as the previous track, and even emits a slightly ballad feel to it at some points. The closing track, Broken Hearts, is strictly a piano piece with singer Helena giving it her all and ending the album on a high note, literally.

A solid release from Imperia, this album is very much for the symphonic and power metalheads. A true variety of tracks, there’s not many albums I can say end on a strong suit and Tears Of Silence falls under that umbrella. At some points there were magical moments and at other points there were direct metal elements which spell the recipe for a wondrous album that is deemed worthy of checking out. I know this album clicked with me immediately. Nothing over the top, it’s a satisfying blend of great elements from start to end. I am already eager for their next album, whenever that may be. You know if you will like this album pretty quickly and I can attest that many of you will like it. Stay Metal \m/

Tears Of Silence: 8/10

Official Website: http://imperiaband.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imperiaband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/imperiaband

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