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The Peerson Report w/ Brick and Mason Peerson – Why Phil?

February 8, 2016

Peerson ReportThe views and opinions expressed by Brick and Mason Peerson are solely those of the original authors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of We Love Metal, the We Love Metal staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

Brick: It appears Mason, our commentary on Pantera’s use of a song in a commercial had very poor timing. Just before that posted it seems Phil Anselmo decided to dedicate a set to the Nazi Nation at the Dimebag tribute. Since that time the outrage has been growing and Phil has issued numerous apologies all seeming weaker than the last. Our mighty fans have spoken Mason, lets hear your rant on the racist Anselmo and his apologies.

Mason: My first reaction was justifiable outrage, being a fan of equality, and turned off by Phil. After a week to reflect, my disgust is also with myself. I entered a conversation with a metal fan who loves Slayer and went on a rant against Pantera. I thought for a second about two things. First, it isn’t Pantera that is said Sig Hiel and White Power, its Phils Anselmo, and he should answer for his words and actions. Secondly, any hard core Slayer fan pointing the righteous finger at others needs to back up a bit. Slayer has a questionable song called Guilty of Being White, and lest we forget the lyrical strains of Piece by Piece and Angel of Death, which spew some scary Nazi-Holocaust views.

The Peerson ReportNot for a second does one wrong excuse another. I’m sick of Phil’s macho bullshit anyway, his tough guy arrogance is tired and only works on the weak who worship his pathetic drivel.

Brick: I think Slayer was trying to make legitimate points and questions that their minds had come up with. Phil was simply taking a very hurtful comment and gesture and using it as macho bullshit he obviously believes in. How does a man in his position being the hand he was dealt really use that to hold an advantage over people? There is nothing more diverse in the world then the music industry yet this guy keeps getting away with being an obvious hateful pig. This last example showed every young white male in the world it was ok to be a racist because Phil Anselmo does it.

Couple that with these apologies that keep coming and I’m getting sick to my stomach. If the guy made one mistake and owned up to it that would be one thing. But time after time, interview after interview Phil shows his true attitude. Banishment from the metal community might be the only way to deal with this. Makes me sick people were more upset when Rob Halford confirmed he was gay then when Phil confirmed he was a Nazi.

Mason:  Are we conveniently forgetting some of the good old borderline racist days of Far Beyond Driven? “You used the color of my skin as a counter racist tool,” from 5 Minutes Alone doesn’t scream unity now does it? And Superjoint Ritual has some themes that could be used at a klan meeting. My point- this is nothing new. People see what they want to and ignore what they choose to. This guy has had a free pass forever. The question now is what does each metal fan do, and what does the metal community do, if anything. This cuts down to whether or not people will stop listening to Anselmo’s work and stop supporting him live. I for one, will not stop listening to Down or Pantera. And that does not make me a racist anymore than listening to Slayer and a ton of death metal makes me less spiritual. I just listened to Christ Illusion this week, and there’s a lot of material there that is anti-Christian, but that doesn’t mean I don’t talk with God, pray, and so on.

Brick: Separating the music from the man. Hard subject simply because we are giving this guy a free pass by doing so. Lyrics in a song to me are a collaboration of questions and answers. Right or wrong. What Anselmo did is wrong, clear cut. But for some reason he gets to continue making money and living the life. This media scrum will go away and we will be able to sit back and wait for the next time he does it.

I guess my point is; if I did this at my job I would be fired instantly and not be able to get work in the industry. However in music we give them a pass because we like something and don’t want to give it up. We promote musicians behaviors because we can’t break with something we love. However if my best friend went out on the street and starting throwing the “N” word around I’m afraid to say he would be out of my life. This is a touchy subject and to me shows that our priorities as a society are messed up. This should be easy, but it’s not.

Mason: It is not easy whatsoever, but it calls on those of us that strive for equality and proper treatment to ask some tough questions and reflect. That is a positive for sure. Sadly, I believe that in America (not sure about Canada), the number of closet racists is extreme. We’ve made progress, but we still feed off hate, and established here, we still hero worship without need to.

Our commentary is about honesty, so prepare yourself if you want to hide from the truth. – Brick & Mason Peerson

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