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Serenity – Codex Atlanticus

February 3, 2016

Codex_Atlanticus_Album_CoverSerenity are one of those bands that are typical in the European metal scene yet keep things great, addicting and even unpredictable at times. There was no doubt that this album would click with me immediately and the album still grows on me to this day. Aside from the killer artwork, the just under one hour album, really keeps things synonymous within the power and symphonic metal scene. Georg Neuhauser, has taken the reigns as sole vocalist this time around, as Clementine Delauney guest starred on their previous album only, War Of Ages. The group feels like they can take a different path now that they recorded the album exclusively themselves, no guest artists this time around which is quite interesting to say the least. Points of immersion, majestic and magical moments, with poetical lyricism that keeps true to power metal, Naplam Records should feel proud of having these guys on their roster.

A superb and grandiose opening title track, Codex Atlanticus, sets an epic imagination that leads directly into Follow Me. Very riff driven and vocal styles that remind one of Sonata Arctica, meanwhile the orchestral pieces are not overwhelming, keeping a pleasurable and definitive presence in the background. The harmonic solo is pretty great too. Reason has a nice progressive feel to it meanwhile moments of galloping show up later on. I was actually fond of the more intimate sounding solo on this one. Fate of Light is very headbangable while bringing a dark and gothic invitation. Soaring and uplifting vocals through the chorus, in addition to some awesomely driven double bass. Make sure to stick around for the epic buildup to the shred-tastic killer solo. (Yes, if you haven’t noticed, I pay extreme attention to solos)

The Perfect Woman and Spirit In The Flesh are the more tame tracks on the album, if you’re feeling on the more relaxed side. I found these tracks to be more on the theatrical side with movie scores really playing a big part on their influence. I thought I heard that the band wanted duel male/female vocals at one point, and The Perfect Woman features said talent. When I initially heard the track, I thought to myself, boy these vocals sound familiar, then I realized that Amanda Somerville, is guest featured in this track. Boy she seems to pop up on many albums as a guest, which is not a bad thing at all if you ask me! The Order, the final song on the album has a suspenseful hook intro that kicks off an energetic attitude. With many albums, the last track is the final impression and this track is no different to say the least. As each member really gives it their all, it really left a lasting impression on me that made me lust for me to be quite honest. Strong choirs, another highly driven chorus and a killer guitar performance that really is deemed worthy to check out.

In the end this magical album should be considered a great triumph for their career. The power metal scene should certainly keep their eyes peeled on these guys as they appear to have a hidden spark within themselves. I guess you could call it serene, to put it into literal translation. Consistent quality work throughout, for any metal fans curious about checking this album out: do it, just do it. I can guarantee you will resonate with one part of the album if not at least most of it, as have I. They’ve certainly captured the essence of melodic metal and power metal quite well. Though their past works may have been memorable as well, I believe this is the album that surely will push them into the next chapter of their lives. Stay Metal \m/

Codex Atlanticus: 8/10

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