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Unleash The Archers – Time Stands Still

July 9, 2015

24058The future of Heavy Metal is here. Let the metal wars begin and Unleash The Archers. The Canadian quintet have arrived from the unholy land of metal and are here to make their mark on the world. Though they are fairly new, their latest album recently released titled, Time Stands Still, is a sign that this group has to full potential to make it in this industry as well as release an album that they should be extremely proud un unleashing upon the masses. This dynamic album features ten power driven tracks that all bring their own originality to the forefront. They’ve been around since 2007 and overtime, their song structure and creation has vastly matured and taken the next step in the group’s evolution of metal. The group’s main genres include traditional Heavy metal, Melodic/Power Metal as well as moments of death metal elements on some of the tracks. Death metal screams, amazing guitarwork, speedy drums and double bass, and unparalleled vocals from singer, Brittany Slayes, bring forth a force to be reckoned with.

Right from the get-go, Frozen Steel starts to get the adrenaline pumping. Signature traditional heavy metal riffs kick things off with the pivoting drumwork from drummer, Scott Buchanan. Overall, a strong opener, don’t forget to stick around for the satisfying bass drop and ravaging solos. The next three tracks are perhaps my favorite off the album. A triple threat to say the least, these tracks include Hail Of The TideTonight We Ride, and Test Your Metal. A trio for the ultimate metal diehard, if I were to have a theme song, one of these tracks would be it. Vocalist Brittany Slayes, goes full blast with her striking vocals. The galloping is eargasmic as well and the harmonic aspect of these tracks give me goosebumps as the elements bring forth anthemic sounds on all three of these tracks. My favorite guitarwork is on Tonight We Ride, with guitarists Grant Truesdell and Andrew Kingsley, shredding away and inducing eargasms. Test Your Metal is an extremely infectious dose of traditional metal with synergistic energy. Hand’s down one of the best tracks of the album, the definitive basslines from bassist, Kyle Sheppard give this track an additional kick. I always get goosebumps when I hear this one, I am hoping they make a video for this track.

Crypt is where they dig deep and unleash their death metal influences. A darker and more dramatic approach the blast beats, faster than usual double bass and a sick breakdown, showcase another side of the group that only proves they are masters of their craft. No More Heroes follows a similar pattern with even more death metal style vocals, but it’s in the epic and lengthy nine-minute track, Dreamcrusher where things start to really get tasty. The temperment and progression of the track swiftly changes every once in a while to make this a pretty intriguing track. I very much like the buildups into the release of power and havoc. The end of the album does end on a tame note. Going Down Fighting sounds like a killer track, but I was expecting a little more power. It pretty much takes the simpler route this time, but it’s not until the journey reaches the final track, Time Stands Still. Known as the title track, the ambient and creepy chanting in the beginning sets up the perfect formula for a tune to go into battle with. The gang vocals add that touch of epicness to further implement, enforce and strengthen the metal spirit.

As mentioned, Unleash The Archers should feel supremely proud of releasing a whopping amazing album. Boy am I so glad to have listened to this album. The power this album has is just insane. I’ve already made up my mind, this album is going in my top ten of the year, it may be my #1 album of the year to be quite honest. From death metal to battle metal to power and heavy metal, this album surely will appeal to many. If you like your metal anthemic, heroic, epic, and all matters related, Time Stands Still may be one of the greatest album’s you’ve ever heard. After today, the album has won a place in my metal heart. I still cannot believe how structured and composed this album is. Throughout the album, my mind kept wondering what these songs would be like live. There is no excuse, this album needs to be heard and played live. At this point I am willing to put my life and soul on the line and bet that Unleash The Archers are going to rise up and become very well-known in the metal community. Once you hit that play button, you will see why I stand behind my statement 110%. If you miss out on this album, I won’t feel sorry for you. With Unleash The Archers in control, there is no slowing down, prepare to face beyond epic moments! Stay Metal \m/

Time Stands Still: 9.5/10

More information can be found on their Official Website as well as Facebook and Twitter Pages. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media outlets at the top left corner of the website.


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