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First Meshuggah Winner Named

April 1, 2015

Meshuggah Concert Winner Announced

Congratulations to reader Hiram for winning passes for himself and a guest to Meshuggah in Anaheim at The House of Blues on April 13th. His brutal pit story is a true testament to coming up through the metal ranks.

Hiram’s Pit Story:

Well I’ve been in many pits, a lot of the ones being rather fun. I gotta say, the craziest one ended up being my first time in a mosh pit, A local festival that happens in Long Beach Every Year called Ink-N-Iron. I really wasn’t into more “underground” metal yet, so I was rather unknown to the headliners Suicidal Tendencies. There was a lot of punks around me though who told me they were really good. Also on the line-up was T.S.O.L. and Corrosion of Conformity. I remember being 15 and arriving right before CoC. Never had I heard them and for this special show they did some older songs from the hardcore days. The pits were really weak honestly, so my first experience was like “I fucking got this.” That confidence reminds after T.S.O.L. as I was dominating the pit, I was about 5″9 and weighed probably 180 at the time, so I wasn’t the most fearless person, but these pits were just younger kids, I had not known the craziness that is Suicidal Tendencies. After T.S.O.L., many people gathered, I was in the middle waiting for this shit to start. Next thing I know I’m surrounded my guys bigger than me, taller than me, still I remained confident. Then holy fuck, Suicidal went on and I went down, literally. The first song went on, and I was sure I was gonna die, after going around the circle pit twice, a big guy went down, sadly the floor was not what he landed on. I remember the pain of leg getting twisted and the big guy getting up, and kept going. I manage to get the fuck out with the help of surrounding people. I found my dad and his first response was, you’re bleeding, I didn’t even notice the gash on my arm, nothing major, but I was like “My foot is fucked.” I spent the next week limping around. I definitely kept out of pits till I was a but older, but fuck, that suicidal pit will probably forever haunt me, nonetheless it was a good time and I’d do that shit again.

—–     —–     —–     —–

With one winner named there is only one more set of tickets up for grabs. Get that pit story in right away for you chance to win.

It’s time to get insane. Or better said, tell us how nuts you’ve already been. What’s in it for you beside the pleasure of thousands of people possibly reading about your greatness plastered on this screen? How about a pair of tickets to see Meshuggah at The House of Blues Anaheim on Monday April 13, 2015!

That’s right, WLM is giving away 2 sets of tickets for this monster show to the best mosh pit stories emailed to us at blknowlton@eastlink.ca, so we can see who is the true maniac, deserving of some swag. Live Nation is putting on this neck-breaker of an event, and want you to be there tearing it up, representing in true metal style.

Keep in mind, we’re looking for stories only (no pics please), and you know how to tell a tale I bet. Time to be rewarded for being the metal soldier you are, and Live Nation couldn’t be more stoked to be handing out the goodies.

Picture it now. You and that special someone, side by side, horns-up, primed to bang heads, smiling all the time knowing you and Meshuggah are kickin ass simply because you’re cool as hell and willing to share your saga. So, stay on that couch, recall that mosh pit story only a legend like you can, and await notification that you are heading to The House of Blues for free. Yep, it’s you jamming to Bleed, Demiurge, and I Am Colussus, with some extra cash in pocket to blow on some merch, beer, or whatever!

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One Response to First Meshuggah Winner Named

  1. The Shepherd on April 1, 2015 at 10:06 am

    Congrats to you Hiram. Loved the story. I got my butt kicked at a festival as well. In a Metallica pit, during their somewhat early days I came out bleeding and missing a tooth.

    Have fun at the show brother!

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