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Crazy Lixx-Everywhere you can imagine

October 31, 2014


I know what your mother told you. Find a nice girl with a good head on her shoulders.  Looks fade and fast girls are nothing but a heartbreak in a hot dress, trouble can only come of it.

No offense to your mother, but to hell with the safe plan, let’s have some fun, and right now. And maybe, the looker can be a keeper.

Swedish arena rock charmers Crazy Lixx are set to release their fourth studio album, and we can safely proclaim that the party is on. A self-titled, 11 track mover that exemplifies the best of melodic stadium rock, Crazy Lixx is a hand me another drink, wink of the eye, let’s move this to private quarters metal. But, is their more to their story?

Sunset strip guitar, cheap whiskey and wild time lyrics, Hell Raising Women is all it suggests. An upbeat pop the cork on the champagne romp, Hell Raising Women shows off with its high energy pace and lead singer Danny Rexon’s clean vocals.

At first glance one might mistakenly assume Girls of The 80’s is nothing more than a cheap documentary title destined for the skip button, but hang around for some sticky sweet addiction, void of over the top distraction. A direct sexual vibe established,  this mid-tempo track is patient and smooth, glittered with keyboards and hip-shaking riffs, it shows a maturity beyond just catcalls.

From a press release bursting with excitement here are some thoughts from the source,“I think the fans will really enjoy what we’ve got in store for them with this album. Killer songs, great sound and memorable hooks combined with a bit of the twin guitar action and riff-based approach that we added to the sound on our last album.” – says guitarist Edd Liam.

 Ain’t No Room For Rock N Roll is a quick flip through the AC/DC record section. Jens Sojoholm on bass sets the rhythm, the keeper of time on a lighter lipstick tune that screams fun. A cha-cha-cha exhausted conclusion seems fitting after a great guitar solo in the middle of this swig. Just to the right of Ain’t No Room, but not in danger of becoming confused with political satire or religious critique, Call To Action uses minor chords and a deeper sound to convey the unification summands. The tinge of seriousness grounds Crazy Lixx, and alerts the listener that a bit of depth can be had during this ride.

Crazy Lixx does their followers a real solid by including the fan favorite, Heroes Are Forever. Appearing on their debut album, Loud Minority (2006),  Heroes became a live staple, but the independent label production of the album was limited, and now inaccessible. Now, a host of new fans can embrace what so many have only enjoyed in concert. Containing that Crazy Lixx splash of bleeding guitar and easy to listen to vocals, Heroes Are Forever invokes a pensive appreciation and is a stand-alone reason to own this CD. It proves the point that becomes apparent after a few rounds with the band- Crazy Lixx is much more than the pretty face they so easily wear, and this endearing trait comes from well-written songs that have heart.

To quote Shakespeare, “No profit grows where is no pleasure taken. In short, sir, study what you like best.” Crazy Lixx certainly knows 80’s rock anthem pleasure- so get to studying!

Shepherd Says 8/10

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