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WLM Reviews: Bleeding Utopia – Darkest Potency

September 24, 2014

BleedingUtopiaAlbumThrash anyone? Melodeath? It’s been a while I feel since I’ve reviewed something along those sounds. It’s safe to say that at this point in my metal years, this genre almost never fails to disappoint me. Today, will be no exception. Let’s cut straight to the chase. Bleeding Utopia are a melodic, thrash and death metal band from of course, Sweden. A quartet, their sophomore album, Darkest Potency, was released earlier this year. Currently on a smaller label, the group cites influences from bands such as At The Gates, Dissection, Entombed, Behemoth, Amon Amarth, The Black Dahlia Murder, and many more. Founded in 2009, the group was actually a side-project since 2003, but did not become official till the end of the decade. Founding member, Andreas Moren, asked some of his mates to join the group, and without hesitation they did, to take the group full-speed into an official project. Within about a year after their formation, a 4-song demo was born, which garnered positive reviews through many sources. This fueled their desire to release a full album, in which the end of the year saw the completion of 10 tracks, but not a finalized album which came over the course of another year. Finally in 2012, their debut album was let loose, and since then, the group has a new set of members. This year marks their second album release, which sees the album bringing forth aggression, signature Swedish metal elements, and heavier affairs.

Some savvy, blitzkrieg attacks of drumming, blast beats and terrorizing vocals kick things off in the track, Blackest of Bloods. Signature Swedish tones are present throughout, for I could not stop headbanging at all through this one. I guess one could say, Blackened death metal screams, compared to that of Behemoth, really show their influence. Your Kingdom Will Fall, continues to pay homage to the Swedish side of metal, a constant set of thrash and blast beats bombard the listener into mosh oblivion. The heavier set of riffage, keeps a familar tone, while adding mid-paced speed at various points, and still keeping the headbanging intact. I found my thoughts citing Six Feet Under, as a potential influnce for the next track, This Is Where We Die. Constant double bass with occasional bursts here and there, the track gives us blast beats, and tremolo picking from start to end for the vast majority of the track. The band does not fail to deliver the message of ‘This is where we die’. This is another Behemoth inspired track. I found myself really digging the riffage in the next track, I Will Return. The grooviness that ensues really captured another outlook on the group, I was not expecting. How about a creepy solo to finish things off huh? A rare, kickass solo makes its appearance while screamer, Andreas, tells us that he, in fact will return. Well exectured, the proper mood for the end half of the album has been noted.

All Life Withers, really can thank Amon Amarth, for this obvious influenced track. The mundane vocals and riffs capture that viking style metal essence that we’ve heard before. I like the track nonetheless. Bring Me Your Dead, is my personal favorite of the album. With a killer, insane long scream to lay down the initiation, this track continues down Amon Amarth lane. An more epic sounding track, the use of modern and old school death metal elements, and this track I would say features my favorite solo, and picking style overall. Another reason for it being my favorite, a more ambient atmospheric tone takes place just after the halfway margin, where an unheard of demeanor settles in, and finally being finished off by the hounding of blast beats and terrorizing, murderous screams. The final track, Nighttime Divine, invites a thunderstorm as well as a slower to mid-paced progressions. Compared to the rest of the album, the track retains the heaviness, but it’s the tempos and rhythm sections that set this one apart from the rest. Nothing wild to set one off, no torturous sounding vocals, eargasmic and satisfying galloping finish this near seven-minute track as well as the album.

A pretty intense album, Darkest Potency, really caters to the Death and Black Metalheads. As mentioned, a few bands did come across as partial influence, in addition to keeping the signature Swedish elements intact. I would have liked to have heard some more melodic aspects, as this album was not abundant in that, this is just a personal taste of mine. Overall, the album does have a tasty blend of old school and modern Death metal in it to be deemed worthy of listening, to both current and older fans of the genre. If you like the genres, this album will not disappoint. I’m kind of hoping to stumble across that house on their album cover one day, mwahahaha. Stay Metal \m/

Darkest Potency: 8/10

More information can be found on their Official Website, as well as their Facebook and Twitter Pages. Don’t forget to like us as www.facebook.com/welovemetal.


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