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WLM Reviews: Epica – The Solace System EP

I think it's safe to say that Epica are one of the pioneers and possibly the Kings and Queen of symphonic metal. Their new EP, The Solace System, proves why that may be so while at the same time unleashing and outdoing themselves once again! 
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WLM Reviews: Venom Inc. – Avé

August 13, 2017
WLM Reviews: Venom Inc. – Avé

What could be better than one Venom? How about two? To my ears, it now sounds like, with Venom Inc., we have a similar version of the band led by Cronos, only with the other two original Venom-ists, Abaddon and Mantas, along with Cronos’ replacement some years ago of Tony Dolan. Confusing?

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WLM Reviews: Prong – Zero Days

August 12, 2017
WLM Reviews: Prong – Zero Days

Five years since a self-imposed hiatus. Five albums (one was a covers album). Prong is simply churning out the Metal at a pace unseen in a long time. With Zero Days on SPV/Steamhammer, I think the band has taken yet another step back toward the excellence of Carved Into Stone.

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WLM Reviews: Seven Spires – Solveig

August 11, 2017

The term ‘Solveig’ refers to a lost soul that wonders the underworld in a robe of some sort, as depicted by the album cover for the most part. East-coast metallers, Seven Spires, recently released their debut album titled Solveig. Is it worth diving into?

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WLM Reviews: Inglorious – II

August 9, 2017

I’ve been expanding my tastes lately which leads to today’s artist. Inglorious, out of The UK bring their sophomore album to the masses titled, II.

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We Love Other Stuff: Paradisolation by Spirit Of The Wildfire

August 5, 2017
We Love Other Stuff: Paradisolation by Spirit Of The Wildfire

Spirit Of The Wildfire is a band based in Nova Scotia, Canada which iTunes blandly stuffs into the “Rock” genre. This labelling is an unfortunate simplification of a surprisingly diverse and versatile group. The band dabbles in a wide range of sounds, exploring reggae, metal, high-paced rock and punk.

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