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Europe & Winger:

The Heavy Way
September 22, 2009

The Band Europe

Below you will find a new song from Europe and some snippets of a new Winger album that is dropping in late October. Yeh, on our site your seeing “the Final Countdown” guys and a dude named “Kip.”

The reason your seeing them is because they both have new music coming out, which again is below; and its heavy. I mean its not Slayer, but it certainly is tuned down much lower then these bands are used to. Kip Winger was a ballad guy now he’s singing songs about the devil. Europe was keyboards and lollipops and their singing about the exodus of the Garden of Eden. Cool!

This is a trend if you’ve attended any live shows you will notice the bands are playing much heavier then before and the crowds are eating it up. I mean what’s next the Counting Crows covering “Shout at the Devil” or Oasis doing “Enter Sandman.” I think the bands that got off on lighter melodies are realizing there is a career out there if they play the music they have always wanted to, not what the record companies told them too.

Heavy Metal is back baby and its sucking in new generations of bands and obviously the old. Enjoy the clips.

Show me your horns,