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Chris Cornell & Eddie Vedder's Duet
May 5, 2009

What could Chris Cornell's Soundgarden and Eddie Vedder's Pearl Jam have in common. Temple Of The Dog that's what.

Chris founded the band in honor of his deceased friend and fellow musician Andrew Wood. In the band was Eddie Vedder doing some vocal work. They had an album through A&M in 1991, but it didn't really do much until people found out later that it was associated with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

As stated before Chris founded the band simply because he was writing songs in tribute to his friend. He would have recorded them with Soundgarden but the music is a lot less aggressive and melodic then the tunes we are used to Garden putting up. Chris solved this problem by asking a few of Andrew Woods old band mates to perform with him under the name Temple of the Dog.

Eddie got involved as a back up singer, but Chris had certain vocal patterns he wanted in the songs so he asked Eddie to take over. Eddie sang them exactly as Chris wanted and they were laid down on the album with Eddie's voice.

With the album not picking up much steam the band never toured together. They did a couple of one of shows without Vedder who was busy with Pearl Jam. Reunions have been talked about, but will little material and huge commercial success elsewhere, I highly doubt it will happen.

Show me your horns,

JB Martell