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Danger Kitty, Metal Shop, And Metal Skool = STEEL PANTHER
August 13, 2009

Steel Panther

This 80's Metal Glam band is definitely something you should check out! They keep you very entertained and laughing. Their "Steel Panther" songs are some of the best songs I've ever heard…lol.

The Band members are, Stix Zadinia (drummer) Satchel (guitarist) Michael Starr (vocals) and Lexxi Foxx ( bassist) the guys of Steel Panther keep busy with other bands and projects.

Recently the band has moved to the Key Club on the sunset strip where their shows have been selling out on a regular basis. They continue to play other regular gigs in the Southern California area including a weekly show in San Diego, California.

The band also does many cover songs as well and is joined on stage by other bands from time to time. Stephen Percy from RATT for example has sang with them on stage. Check out the youtube vid ( not the greatest quality ) from STEEL PANTHER.

Rock on,

Vince Steele