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New KISS Album: Sonic Boom
August 19, 2009

KISS: Sonic Boom

Today's blog is about the new album from KISS "Sonic Boom" I'm really excited about this one!! And if the reviews are what they say they are it should be a good one. The sound clip at www.kissonline.com of "Modern Day Delilah" sounds great! And I'm sure sounds even better on the CD.

It was awesome seeing KISS this summer live, they put on such a great show! Lots of energy and stuff blowing up every 10 minutes! Not too much more can be said. If you haven't had and opportunity to see KISS live check them out if they come to your city, it is a show well worth the money.

Tommy and Eric are really pulling their weight with the band and not holding back at all. They both have collaborated on the new album with song writing and the music it's self of course, they both fit in very well with the image of KISS, it's awesome watching Eric Singer on drums, very amazing!

Rock on,

Vince Steele