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Rock & Reality TV
April 1, 2009

Much like Seinfeld that was something about nothing this blog will follow the same theme. Reality shows and rock stars seem to be a big thing, but does it help them or hurt them? Vince Neil and CC Deville on Surreal Life, Bret Michels on Rock of Love, and who could forget the smash hit Tommy Lee Goes to College.

When it comes down to it part of the reason we all enjoy rock concerts is because a piece of us would like to be on that stage. But after seeing Bret Michels council female alcoholics and Tommy Lee struggling with basic University courses do I still want to be them? Not really!

The show I didn't mention above is the one that upsets me the most. Gene Simmons "Family Jewels." I won't watch the show anymore because to me Gene Simmons is "The Demon", not Shannon Tweed's bitch.

I realize these icons have real lives and families to interact with, but does that have to be on T.V. each week? I saw more of Vince Neil on that makeover show then any of his four wives did. It must be hard for women to become aroused at the thought of Vince when they know he once had bigger boobs then they did.

I'm interested in your opinion of Rock stars on reality T.V. For me I think they should leave it to the high heel wearing bimbos on Survivor. Who in the hell wears high heels when you know your going into the jungle? Good Lord!!! Make it stop!

Show me your horns,

JB Martell