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Heavy Metal Riots
April 24, 2009

For some reasons the music can make us fans do some stupid stuff. This Heavy Metal Blog is just going to show some examples of times when things have gone to far. Sometimes it's the bands, sometimes it's the fans, but either way it doesn't turn out pretty.

August 8, 1992 - Montreal - Metallica and Guns & Roses. James Hetfield is burned on a pyrotechnics mistake and forced to cancel the second half of their set. After a very long and anxious wait Guns & Roses finally takes the stage. After two songs Axel Rose claims his throat hurts and walks off stage. This leads to a 20,000-person riot that destroys downtown Montreal and leaves the city wondering if Heavy Metal should ever play in Montreal again?

March 9, 2009 - Columbia - Iron Maiden. Over 100 people are arrested after a small group of fans started making a fuss outside the gate because they didn't have tickets. This started the fires burning and caused the people in attendance to become unruly and destroy the concert grounds and ruin the concert for the others.

August 22, 1980 - Milwaukee - Black Sabbath. Geezer is hit with something in the forehead busting him open. He immediately walks off stage. The fans don't know what's going on so they begin to throw chairs on stage inciting the classic riot. Police manage to get it under control only after 50 arrests and numerous injuries.

These are just some examples of riots that have taken place. There are many others; some with much worse outcomes. The same can be said for sporting events, other forms of music, and anything with masses of people. So, the next time your at a show the only thing you should be pounding is your fist and the only thing you should be banging is your girlfriend. Keep the rioting to the country folks.

Show me your horns,

JB Martell