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Probot is Heavy Metal!
August 12, 2009


Here I go again on another Dave Grohl rant, but the fact is the man has done so much their should be a blog site just on him. (if there's not already) Probot is the project that Dave formed to show the world his love of Heavy Metal, all forms of Heavy Metal.

The self-titled album features classic Metal, Nu-Metal, Death Metal, Melodic Metal, and a lot of those other Metal categories I hate to see defined. To me its just good old Kick Ass Heavy Metal. Dave never really intended for it to be an album, just a collaboration of some of his friends getting together to play some music he personally loves.

Fellow artists seemed to dig this concept so they turned out in droves to play. Lemmy, King Diamond, Venom, Snake, Jack Black, just to name a few. Only one single came off the album and that was "Shake Your Blood." An amazing song featuring Lemmy on lead vocals and bass. The rest of the album contains the same feel and jumps around to the point that you can't wait to hear what's next. I've never hidden the fact that I'm not a major death metal fan, but the two tracks on the album are without monotone vocals and don't beat you to death with drums that drown everything out. In my humble opinion some of the "Death Metal Legends" could learn a thing or two about how to make Death Metal more commercial for the everyday listener.

Like the first Foo Fighter album Dave recorded all the instruments and put guest vocalists in to complete these Heavy Metal Masterpeices. A few performances did take place on a sort of mini-tour that you can find on some Headbanger's Ball DVD's. Lemmy played these shows and summed them up by saying, "the tour was like being back in the 60's when everything was fun." That statement not only sums up Probot, but Dave Grohl. When you do something for passion and fun the audience will realize it and love it.

Show me your horns,