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JB's Top Five Bass Players - #1
June 25, 2009

Before I get started on the list please let me explain this is not a measure of technical ability or record sales or anything. This is just lists about musicians I like that play my favorite instrument - The Bass. I do have to give a massive shout out to Geezer, he's not on the list, but we all have to talk about the influence. On with the show:

My #1 all time favorite bass player is none other then Nikki Sixx! This should be fun.

Now I've gone through the list: Geddy Lee, Jason Newstead, Lemmy, Gene Simmons, and Nikki Sixx. I wasn't sure whom I would take more heat for, Gene or Nikki. My guess now is its going to be Nikki.

Everyone who reads this site knows I'm a Motley Crue fan and I'm sick of defending it against these so-called experts. On this site we never claim to be experts, we are just fans who like what we like. Obviously there are some people out there that share the same taste as us because they keep reading it. Anyway, being a Motley fan means two things: 1. you love sex, drugs, and rock & roll and 2. you love Nikki Sixx. The reason for that is very clear, without Nikki Sixx there would be no Motley Crue.

Nikki has been the driving force behind the machine that has now become Motley. He has always been the businessman and songwriter, but now that he doesn't have a needle stuck in his arm he has become a mogul. His record company 11/7 records just signed a major distribution deal with EMI and it will include the back catalogue of Motley hits. Also his side projects have taken off with SIXX AM selling a decent amount of records and recording some great singles. The Motley SOLA album was amazing and true fans recognize the brilliance of Nikki on every song.

Love him or hate him Nikki has done some amazing things in the music world, but this is a blog about bass players and it often gets lost that Nikki is in fact a good bass player. In the early days its said he couldn't even play the thing, but since that time he has contributed greatly to the rhythm section and currently has two signature basses on the market.

Nikki is on the list simply because in my eyes he is what's good about music. You can use it to express yourself to the point of saving your life or others and you can make a decent buck off it if you're smart. Did I mention he plays the bass?

Show your horns,

JB Martell